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The 8 Best Free Social Media Post Scheduler 

March 19, 2023 in Social Media

The place where everyone is most active is on social media. Over 50% of the population uses various platforms to remain updated on trends and stay in touch with people worldwide. Its unparalleled popularity can be seen in the social media figures, which are surging. Here we have listed the best free social media post scheduler ever! You get to experience something unique with each scroll. With stuff from all over the world, this keeps us interested for long periods.

Giving social media platforms a high priority in your marketing approach is crucial. Your brand will become more well-known, you will be able to target your ideal clients more effectively, your brand authority will rise, and there are countless more benefits to social media marketing.

Although it takes time and a significant amount of planning, managing many social media accounts for various clients is not a simple chore. However, several free social media post scheduler applications are available to social media experts to simplify their daily tasks.


8 Free Social Media Post Scheduler

Let’s review some free social media scheduling apps and publishing tools without further ado. 


Buffer is a popular and free social media post scheduler. Its simplified interface allows you to view and schedule social media posts for free. The fully functional platform provides the resources you need for audience engagement, publishing, analytics, and team collaboration.


The user base of Buffer adores it. Additionally, social networking platforms like Twitter, Tumblr, Facebook, Youtube, and Snapchat all function nicely with it. Check out how to manage Facebook Ads.


  1. Users can quickly navigate Buffer thanks to its straightforward user interface.
  2. With its customized posts function, this social media posting tool allows you to adapt your posts for each social media platform.


  1. A crucial functionality, like a Web Publishing feature for discovering new and popular content, is missing from Buffer.
  2. In addition to Buffer Publish, Buffer also offers its products, such as Buffer Analyze and Buffer Reply, for which you must pay an additional fee. These tools allow you to manage your social media conversations and statistics.

Visit: Buffer


With the help of the social media scheduling application SocialOomph, you may schedule social media posts for free in advance while having your activity on various networks tracked.


In the timeframe of your preference, you can schedule content for publication at any specified date or time. Additionally, you can click once to upload several blog articles in bulk from your computer.

Messages that self-destruct after a certain amount of time are one of the many functions that SocialOomph offers.


  1. The auto-follow feature is time-saving
  2. Multiple Twitter account management.
  3. Management of DM’s of all Twitter accounts


  1. Does not support smartphone app
  2. Most valuable features are available only on paid plans.
  3. Auto-Follow can lead to spamming.

Visit: SocialOomph

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Loomly aims to make managing social media for businesses simpler. You begin by configuring your industry, time zone, and calendar. After that, you may easily schedule your posts in Loomly and post to Instagram. Above all, the workflows of Loomly stand out.


It’s simple to build up new posts with it, and you can utilize it to create workflows that transfer your information from drafts to posts. You must establish the post’s specifics and decide which social media networks you want to share the content. You may then specify generic material and make minor adjustments to the parameters for each social media channel.


  1. Adaptable team protocols for social media content approval and publication
  2. The capability of previewing and editing content for every social media platform.


  1. Does not integrate with Instagram
  2. No chatbot or automated message response features

Visit: Loomly

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This is an all-inclusive social media management tool that will assist you in developing your social media at every stage, from scheduling social media posts for free to monitoring comments and analytics.


NapoleonCat has incredibly affordable charges while only providing free membership for two weeks. This alternative is one that you should give careful thought to if you handle numerous accounts and are on a tight budget.


  1. Its social inbox lets you control interactions across many channels from a standard dashboard.
  2. All plans offer extensive customization.


  1. There is inconsistent connectivity with social media sites, particularly Facebook pages.
  2. The tool is sluggish and occasionally takes a long time to load.

Visit: NapoleonCat

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Crowdfire is a famous and free social media post scheduler. It enables scheduling social media posts for free across social media platforms and aids in finding targeted material for various social networks by looking through 3rd content that will intrigue your target audience.


In addition, crowdfire also provides tools for keeping tabs on your rivals so you may copy and modify their successful strategies.


  1. Easy to use scheduling tools
  2. Saves time by sharing content smoothly
  3. Ability to boost engagement and following


  1. Limited account linking options 
  2. Fewer options in the basic plan
  3. Only premium users have access to the calendar view schedule.

Visit: Crowdfire


Hootsuite is the most well-liked and widely-used free social media post scheduler tool for managing social media sites. Above all, anyone looking to appropriately expand their social media presence, from small enterprises to major corporations, should use this tool.


From their user-friendly dashboard, you can quickly publish, schedule, and customize posts for all of your connected networks. More than 20 other social media networks, namely Linkedin, Instagram, Snapchat, Facebook, and others, are also accessible.


  1. Its most attractive feature is Hootsuite’s social streams function, which enables you to interact with your followers and keep an eye on your social media profiles right from the interface.
  2. Hootsuite offers account-specific analytics for social media so you can follow performance over time and get insights tailored to your needs.


  1. This tool for posting to social media is too expensive. It also becomes challenging for new customers to operate their cumbersome dashboards.
  2. There are several features in Hootsuite. However, each extra service, such as access to particular accounts on social media statistics, individualized reports, and URL shorteners, comes at a cost.

Visit: Hootsuite

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For individuals who work with Twitter, TweetDeck is a free social media post scheduler tool with cutting-edge capabilities.

tweetdeck as a free social media post scheduler

It is feature-rich and simple to use, making it easy for you to connect with your target audiences and get the most out of Twitter. In addition, you can keep up with conversations, discover new individuals to follow and send messages to, and receive updates from everyone you follow.

TweetDeck is straightforward; you only need to connect with your current Twitter account to get started. 


  1. Ability to schedule tweets.
  2. Users can view numerous columns on a single screen without switching views.


  1. The 24-hour clock is used for scheduled tweets.
  2. No built-in analytics feature

Visit: TweetDeck

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Zoho Social

Although only a tiny portion of the Zoho collection of products, Zoho Social is also sold separately. The tool makes it simple to plan posts and even provides forecasts for when your audience will most interact with your content. You can arrange your posts in any way you wish with the help of the content calendar.

zoho social as a free social media post scheduler

The free package from Zoho Social comes with one team member, the zShare browser plugin, and publishing to seven social media platforms. Premium plans, of course, also provide more sophisticated features.


  1. With its SmartQ function, Zoho Social provides the ideal time window for scheduling social media updates.
  2. It offers CRM interfaces that let you interact with clients and get referrals from social media.


  1. The reporting and analytics tool is not particularly noteworthy. They lack a provision for combining analytics.
  2. While many other social media planning tools include RSS Feed integration, Zoho Social does not.

Visit: Zoho Social


What is the most accessible social media scheduler?

Creator Studio is considered the most accessible social media scheduler. Usually, staying on-platform is the simplest method to schedule social media posts for free. Facebook's Creator Studio is an excellent example of this. You can make and plan posts for both Instagram and Facebook with the help of this freely accessible management tool.

Is there an app that combines all social media?

Hootsuite will take care of all your needs if you're seeking a comprehensive answer for managing your every social media problem. The app supports Linkedin, Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and over 20 other social networks.

Can I schedule Instagram posts for free?

Using the application Hootsuite, you may upload pictures and videos right to Instagram. Among the best online Instagram schedulers available, it enables you to publish high-quality stories on social media platforms. Features: This program allows you to manage various social network accounts from a single dashboard.

How do I manage all my social media in one place for free?

All of your social media profiles are managed by Social Bu in one location. It is the most effective and free online scheduling tool with all the flexible capabilities like publishing, scheduling, analyzing statistics, and much more.

Does Hootsuite post directly to Instagram?

Hootsuite now allows you to post directly to Instagram, thanks to a recent change by Instagram. It will save time and make engaging consumers for your brand on Instagram even easier.


In conclusion, keeping up with your organization’s or brand’s social media profiles can be challenging. Additionally, creating material, tracking interactions, and communicating with them takes a lot of work.

Because of this, adopting social media management software could be a terrific complement to your digital marketing strategy. You may plan posts, track performance, and brand mentions, work with your team, generate fresh content ideas, and use social networking scheduling tools.

Each of the free social media scheduling apps in the list, as mentioned above, will assist you in automating your social media approach so you can obtain more results with less work. Every platform on our list is either free or offers a free trial, so you can see how the tool will perform before paying for it.

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