How Does Calendly Work? Let’s Explore it!


If you are not finding enough time to focus on the objectives and long term goals of your business, then you’ve come to the right place. Calendly app goes through your calendar and suggests your free time slots on your booking page.For an effective and efficient scheduling experience, you must know how does Calendly work. You will be shocked to know how much time an average user saves with the help of this. 

Calendly is an application made specifically for people who want to save up their time in planning and scheduling a meeting. All you need to do is make an account and add your teammates on Calendly. After this, you need to create time slots according to your schedule and working hours. This tool does not let your timings clash with your colleagues.

Wondering how does Calendly work? We’ve got it all figured out for you! Keep reading to know more.

What is Calendly?

Calendly is an online application that helps users to arrange dates, meetings, and appointments without delaying any events. Calendly allows scheduling while excluding the ongoing date marking. With this app, you can use in-app links to preview your availability.  


With Calendly, it is easier for clients to book slots in your given schedule. Hence, there is zero chance of time confusion or slot confusion. Clients with the available link can quickly view your routine, allowing them to choose an appropriate arrangement for both parties. Now, let’s go through how does Calendly work.

How does Calendly Work?

Here is all you should know about how does Calendly work:

Set up a Calendly account: 

When you click on the sign-up option on the Calendly homepage, the app itself takes you through the joining process. You can sign in through a Gmail account and registered phone number. Through this, you can directly access the Google calendar. You also get an option to skip the sign-up process as the app walk you through different features. However, it is always better to sign up first. 

selecting time and date

Complete the Calendly URL to choose a time zone in the second part. This step is crucial as your clients will be seeing slots according to these time zones. Moreover, ensure to have a descriptive bio that is precise and professional. 

Adding teammates in Calendly:

Let your team know you’re using the team scheduling tool in Calendly. Ensure that everyone in your team has created a Calendly account. Everyone must sign up for a multi-user Calendly plan or the first 14-day free trial.

Go to the Account & Admin Management page after signing into Calendly. You’ll see a list of every connected user, which should be empty now. Then select the New User button’s add option.

How to Create Time Slots in Calendly?

Calendly plans out your events through customized specifications. Creating time slots is easy; the best part is deciding who is allowed to see a specified time slot. Through this, your meetings and appointments will not get jumbled up. 

creating time slots

However, Calendly allows you to have one-time meetings whenever you want. Once you have customized your time slots according to your liking, your invitees can select a slot that is good for both parties. As the last step, you only have to attend to clients as soon as Calendly notifies you. 

Setting Schedules According to Work Hours

Meetings frequently last into regular business hours. The main reason is that your calendar doesn’t show your working hours. Establish boundaries at work by blocking off time on your calendar for established office hours.

setting schedules

By selecting your chosen dates, hours, time zones, and lengths, you can demonstrate your ongoing availability for one-on-one meetings with colleagues or potential clients. You can add these specifications to the event type in Calendly if you often hold team meetings or one-on-ones. The events you wish to include in your calendar are up to you.

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Know More about Calendly Subscription

We receive much-needed administrative support from apps like Calendly. If Calendly has captured your attention and you want to know how does Calendly work when looking for the ideal scheduling tool, you might be hesitant to buy a plan because the monthly or yearly fees might strain your wallet. We’ve therefore created a concise summary of all the plans.

Calendly Basic Plan

The free basic plan offered by Calendly is the least expensive of the three pricing tiers. The free plan, however, naturally only offers the most fundamental functionality. You can connect only one calendar per user and can create only one kind of event. The rules you establish for particular types of meetings, such as the length, venue, or time you’re available for appointments, determine the event categories.

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Calendly Premium Plan

The mid-priced option is Calendly’s Premium plan, which costs $8/month, per user, for an annual payment plan or $10/month if you select monthly billing. If you were worried about limited events with the free plan, you might create an unlimited number of event types with Premium.


That by itself may be priceless to some people. Users get two calendars, so you’ll need at least a Premium account if you want to send invitations from your personal and professional calendars.

Calendly Pro Plan

The most extensive plan is Calendly’s pro plan. You’ll get many features for $12 per user per month (paid yearly) or $15 for the monthly billing alternative. The Pro subscription is your only choice if you need to integrate CRM platforms like Salesforce or HubSpot into your workflow because Calendly supports all these connectors here.


Is Calendly Worth the Money?

Calendly is worth every single penny. An app like Calendly gives more to its customer than other regular VAs. More so, Calendly is advantageous for both invitees and users. Calendly's scheduling software provides users with effortless slot management at the least price.

How Does Calendly's Billing work?

Calendly's billing process is simple and easy to understand. If someone is interested in paying in installments, Calendly does provide a monthly billing structure. Similarly, if someone is willing to pay an amount all at once, there is also a Calendly plan for yearly payments.

What are the Premium Features of Calendly?

With a pro plan, Calendly includes all major integrations like HubSpot, PayPal, Strype, Google Analytics, and more. Additionally, it also provides message notifications and client redirection. Calendly's premium plan also provides custom automation event features for better user experience and output.

Can Plans be Canceled on Calendly?

Users can cancel any Calendly subscription plan at any given time. The user has to contact Calendly's customer service at [email protected], which is available 24×7. The cancellation of plans will be in effect right after the cancellation is requested.


Now that we know how a Calendly plan works, we can start without scheduling criteria as soon as possible. As mentioned above, Calendly is fantastic with the services it offers. Moreover, you can avail of all these features for prices as low as $8 to $12. If you’re involved in the corporate world, scheduling your work hours can be as challenging as the job itself.

However, with apps like Calendly, you have a ready-to-go platform for minimum investment. Now that you know everything about Calendly, will you give this app a shot and be more productive in your professional life? 

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