35 Ways to Increase Conversion Rate? (110% Increased Sales)


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Conversion in marketing can be acknowledged as a scheme that inspires customers to take particular action. It is a method of converting a potential customer visiting your site into a client of your goods and service. Let’s see how we can increase the conversion rate to get more sales and results. 

What Exactly Is A Conversation Rate? 

 In sales, the conversion rate means the total amount of conversions divisible by the actual number of visitors on your site. So like if your site has 400 visitors a month and makes 100 sales, the conversion rate will be 100 divisible by 400.

Conversion Rate = (Number Of Visits / Number Of Conversions)

The conversion rate is represented in a ratio-based percentage form. That is the portion of the visits to your website that translates to a bid. On lead magnets, webinars, purchases, etc., may also be translated to visitors. 

With both of these actions, you will monitor conversion rates. Yet you can’t track the number of people converting. If you would like to know how many people consider your content and what percentage buy your commodity, sign up for your email list or take any other action you want.

Conversion rate
Conversion rate

Consider twice if you don’t feel that you ought to watch certain numbers. Jeremy Smith, a marketing contractor and strategist with Marketing Land, says, “Every part of Marketing has little value even whether a conversion is made.” Whether you don’t know what you need to change on the website or the advertising strategy, you don’t know the conversion rate. As a result, the sales typically stagnate, contributing to significant declines in profits. 

Importance Of Conversion In Marketing And Sales

Conversion is one of the most significant elements of marketing. Whatever you do in marketing and sales, its main goal is to convert your visitors into clients for your product. The conversions include all the things from salespeople who do appointments, free quotes, contract forms to anything that causes the business to make sales.

How To Increase Conversion Rate In Marketing And Sales? 

So, here are the best suggestions that could raise the conversion rate significantly


In the age of digital media, advertisements cause a great impact on customers. We see advertisements on every platform. If the advertisement’s content is relatable and entertaining, it will be very profitable for the company irrespective of the quality or type of product.


It’s like we all remember some of the advertisements that we see on television or any other online platforms that are a little catchy. That advertisement makes us remember the product, and when we see that product on any site, it is already familiar for us, which increases the chances of buying. So advertising still remembers our top hack to increase conversion rate, be it visual ads or videos. 

Use Limitations As Your Advantage

 The time limits and less in stock signs create a mindset in the customer that the quality and value of the product are good, and it’s the fear of missing out, which makes the customers buy that item.

It’s simply how sales work. If we put a tag of limited addition on any product, the sales and demand for that product will increase automatically. For using this to your advantage, you can put a time counter on your product site or use tags like limited in stock.

Know Your Customers

 It will be a great advantage for any site to know its target audience so that you can create schemes and strategies to get in connection with them. It is always better to work on a specific group of people rather than researching the whole population, and you can use various social monitoring techniques for that.

target audience
Target Audience

This will increase your conversion rate and also help to boost up your customer service relationship. It also clears your perception of making new products according to the customer’s current demands.

Inherited Public Connections

 This will be a little old school, but it is a tried and worked formula for increasing the conversion rate. Moreover, this manner would be simple to explain since it embraces the conventional intermediaries and responsibilities which one would believe in, such as interaction with the reporter or media personalities, fame supervision, building press appearances or press release dissemination, and crisis conversation.

Autoresponder Series And Drips

 If we use them properly, an autoresponder series can make a customer come out of the group and Commissioned sales to sites, leading directly into a purchase. Here we use drips which are the pre-written set of customer-related messages which attract the customer and using that. So we can let our customers in the direction we want.

autoresponder & drip campaign
Autoresponder & Drip Campaign

It will provide great help in the strategic execution of plans to catch customer attention and increase conversion rate. 

Maintain Social Connection With Customers

It would be great to maintain a social media account for your business. From your sites, you can ask your customers to follow you on your social media account. This connection will help you build a good sales customer relationship using which you can advertise your brand with them, provide a post of the day-to-day sale, and do a brand endorsement.

social connection
Social Connection

You can also outsource your social media marketing requirements to us. This will make you contact your customers directly with faster response, and more interaction will increase sales and increase the conversion rate for your site.

Use Of Reminders

 Regular reminders will help you introduce new products to your customers, and you can also send them messages on updates or relaunch of the last product deal they did with your site.

The reminders will give them the knowledge of every update on their already purchase a product and increase the chances of purchasing new accessories and their visit to your site, which will increase the chances of the improved conversion rate on both marketing and sales. Still, the important term related to reminders is that the reminders should not be regressive, and time between them should also be balanced.

Responsive Landing Page

The first thing user going to see on your site is the interface, The attractiveness and responsiveness of a page can increase your chances of purchase, but for that, you have to make some small efforts like creating an attractive website with easy to use options, the most frustrating time for any customer is when they don’t know how to use the site efficiently which leads them to leave the site with a bad review.

Your site, the interface should be simple and updated regularly. The first impression of you on the customer would be their interaction on your site; that’s why it has to be good for better conversion rates.

Add Good Customer Reviews

The trust of customers in the brand is very important, and for that, you have to prove your points by providing some good real customer reviews on your site to make other customers believe that the services you are offering are promising.

customer review
Customer review

If there is any good review of any product, others will also be interested in buying it because it makes them sure about the quality of the product and also increases the sales of the product, not to it will also increase conversion rate.

Use Chatbots If Possible

The number of users with networking apps such as Snapchat, Slack, and Skype and their analog grows growing gradually and quickly. Two separate American eagle chatbot interactions provide target audiences with knowledge and motivation- picture source. It would feel like a no-brainer to begin chatbots and live chats to capture the missed leads that do not have time for a form completion or a telephone call. However, people want the knowledge they need with as little pressure as soon as possible. 

use chatbots
Use Chatbots

Many Sites provide a Chatbot option for any query or problem related to the product or site. This is also a proven component that customers like across the globe. Many find it attractive as a game, but it will increase definitely increase the conversion rate.

It makes chatbots so great: they have instant value exposure while reducing friction. No log-in or login methods such as an app or website are required- and as the bot has already connected to your social profile, it can configure data for you in seconds.

Improve Site Speed

According to Kissmetrics, a delay of 1 second in page response could reduce conversion by 7%. On the other hand, when Firefox decreased the total loading period by 2.2 seconds, conversions improved by 15.4%. So here’s what you can do: re-dimension your files with Gzip compression, compact your website and update Page Speed.

improve your site speed
Improve Your Site Speed

So here is what you can. Ultimately, if all other things fail, worry about the question of improving web hosting.

Make Customer Think They Know All

Feeling intelligent and knowing all the stuff makes people happy, and a happy customer is always good for business. So make sure your customer thinks they know what they are doing, why they provide that information or do any activity that will increase their interest in your business improve conversion rate.

Offer Free Trials

Free is a keyword that always attracts the customer’s attention. Getting free trials and demonstrations on your sites will increase customer visits. It will increase the conversion rate.

offer free trial
Offer free trial

You can also dive into direct response marketing to understand more about how a customer’s mindset works here.

Put Up An Exit-Intent Offer

Stop your page if your visitors begin to leave. Provide guests with promotions, contests, or exclusive or temporary deals for additional value. This contributes to a big fear of disappearance.

add exit-intent offer
Add Exit-Intent Offer

You can obtain their specifics with another less intimidating deal if you do not get them to take the first move you desired. Even if you are not willing to buy it, if you add it to your email list- then persuade them to buy it later, you will be allowed to offer a discount.

Getting Into Sales Scripting

Like in programming languages, when given a problem, the coder first creates an algorithm to solve the problem, then optimizes it (uses less number of variables and space and less time to complete the problem) and then finally implements it. The same should go with sales too. The company should keep a record from its top salesperson through a mock sales presentation. 

get into sales scripting
Get Into Sales Scripting

Then, get the presentation transcribed, go back through, and turn it into your first version of your closing script. This way, test out different elements of the script and see the impact. For example, the company can try out different sales ideas and bind them into the sales script. This will help the company choose the best script for increasing sales but will keep off the overhead from a single person.

Provide Good Customer Support

Providing good customer support will increase users’ trust in your site, and getting a proper response will make them feel welcome and suggest your site to others.

customer service
Customer service

That will increase the conversion rate.

Write A Clearer CTA

How many occasions have you arrived on a website with a “delete” or “continue” type and button?? Wasn’t that completely impersonal? Were you still puzzled as to why you provided your details and what you would get out of it? You may notice that you have a poor conversion rate on your side if your CTA is not correct concerning what you want the customer to do.

I saw a simple CTA any single time outperforming an unclear one. Note how this CTA shows the future lead by providing their details precisely what they will receive. This is what you want. Look at the homepage buttons for the language and make sure that it is clear and specific.

Add A Decoy Option

By introducing a more costly commodity to your options, you render that the people who choose to purchase no longer look bad.

put decoy effect in action
Put Decoy Effect In Action

The research project Dan Ariely performed with his students. He asked them to pick a magazine subscription, and the findings were:

  • Online Subscription – $59
  • Version Print- $125 (0 students selected)
  • Web subscription and print subscription -$125 (84 students selected)

As you can see, almost every student opted for option C, as the overall deal looked better.

Move Your Form

Over and over, I saw a form placed directly in the landing page hero overflow pages with lightbox shapes or forms at the edges. But don’t take the best practice as the reality of the faith.

If your form is in a lightbox, seek to push it out to the website. Try to move the form to the bottom of the page if your bid is complicated and extremely endangered. This is the great thing about A/B testing: there’s nothing “true” to do. It depends on your offer and the market.

Try A Multi-Step Form

And this relates to landing pages- that is, the files must only be brief, so you query only for the minimal information you need if you want to move. We also discovered that the statement “less is more” is applied. Such advice could, however, be backfired if used across the board. An example is how much the deal would cost, which is one of the biggest problems that anyone usually faces for a landing page.

make a multi step form
Make A Multi Step Form

When there is no charge but a document with a name, telephone number, and email, the tourist realizes that they will have to call someone to get a reaction to their request, and there are tentative possibilities of offering their information to anybody. Then, you will press the back button to select a candidate who offers you what you want more easily. For cases such as this, we will increase conversion rates by increasing the number of steps and type fields! The goal for us was the sequence of our actions and the details we first sought.

After the original and more complex issues have been addressed in stage one, it is much simpler for the last step to complete the most important fields of title, email, and telephone number due to enforcement psychology. Next, they are addressed to the second step form fields: This move requires personal information.

Notice, however, that the title shifts on the form. “First move! Next stage! With your show, we’re standing by. Who are we able to send them to?” This second step language is very useful because it tells visitors why we need their knowledge. We don’t want to snatch anything from the visitor.

Match Your Form To The Offer

All right, I also told you to add additional fields. Now I claim that may not be the response but listen to me:  there is a situation where you want to minimize the number of fields: gated information. So it is less likely that someone will send all their details to print in pdf format.

In my observations, I have observed that only when it comes to certain items such as whitepapers and manuals, names and email are needed. So you may have no choice but to build a multi-step method if you’re like me and do that for consumers who have a very specific CRM who wants their telephone number, first name, last name, and email address. 

If you have the emails, you can move ahead towards email marketing which is still effective in 2024.

Ask The Right Questions On The Form

Let’s assume that you do as I suggested and produced several steps that need the number of employees, monthly budget advertisements, and company names. The name of the company can be seen as really intrusive. However, you will easily see who served in the organization if you have the business name.

Although it might not seem very intimate, we have found that many people beg to differ in our best practices. If your multi-step registration form still indicates drop-offs, double-check that you just ask contextual questions that cannot be linked to a specific organization or person.

Put Your Key Selling Point In The Headline/Subhead

One of the first items the potential customers will see will be the title. This is a very necessary copy to illustrate the unique value argument. I got a client who has a marketing company.” Don’t miss a shot,” their original headline was. A little unclear, yes? Catch it all.


I changed the page to say “Strategic targeting with incomparable success,” accompanied by a “Benefit up to 70% income” subheading. This is a key point that improved from 9% to 16% overall. If your form meets best practices, try to update your title and subheading to make your opportunities more attractive and transparent.

Add A Social Proof

You can tell me all day that you’re going to save me time, save me money, you’re going to double my ROI, but I want to promise that what you are telling me is real at the end of the day. Social evidence! These include testimony, certifications, affiliations, incentives, grades for examination, case studies, details, and figures. Studies show that almost 70% of online users read a product review before making a purchase.

Add A Video

We strive to maintain our messaging in a straightforward and timely manner. However, this is still not enough sometimes. We need something even more succinct sometimes. According to the social science Research Network, 65% of us are visual people. Most of the inhabitants are. So it makes sense why a video could make a big difference. And after watching a video, 64% of consumers are more likely to buy a product. 

add a video
Add A Video

Further video web pages are more committed: the typical audience to a website focused on text and pictures remains for only 43 seconds. Complete exposure to websites with video requires 5 minutes and 50 seconds.

According to EyeWideDigital, with a video on your landing page, the conversion rate will improve by 80%. Especially if your product or service is somewhat complicated, try adding a video that clearly shows its importance and builds confidence in your future.

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No Time For Video? Try GIFs

Think of “film,” but even more easily, and you do not have to press to play. GIFs will motivate people and easily turn their initial excitement into real interest. Of course, people can overlook certain pictures and don’t bother playing on videos, but GIFs cannot get unnoticed.

For SaaS and technology companies, we find that GIFs operate incredibly well. What better way than through rapid visual progress on how it works to explain a complex and technical solution!

Use Heat Maps, Click Maps, And Polls

We have heard before that best practices are sometimes not always the right option. You can create and still fail a well-formed theory. If only you will see what the consumers desire in their minds. Innovation has not yet evolved, but we have other tools in the inventory that we have to do for the time being. 

use heat maps, click maps and polls
Use heat maps, click maps, and polls.

You’ll see how many people make it to the end of the landing page by using programs such as a HotJar or Crazy Egg.  It is one of the most effective ways to increase the conversion rate. 

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Show Gratitude

All the deals depend upon two parties, and in marking, we have to treat joined customers like family.

show your gratitude
Show Your Gratitude

Therefore, showing gratitude to the customer will impress them and make them feel connected with our services. Which would be good for business.

Revisit Your Thank You Pages

Although you’ve already taken the lead/sale/registration/conversion at this stage, thank you, and confirmation pages are an important step in the funnel process. 

Here is why: 

  • You are informing the client that you have received your injury/information. 
  • The download connection should be there if the page aims to access a white paper or guide.
  • The thank-you page allows you to take more action, for example, a link to your website or social media, to make it more active.
  • It also can have additional exploratory connections, such as “ you may also be involved..” which could even take you to a further conversion.

Anatomize The Feedback(s) Stocked In Your Clientele Base 

We do everything but forget to work out on none of the things! Often our clients ask us to revise the assignment submitted. Following up the same, we re-work the revisions suggested, finally re-submit, and get the services delivered. What if we work out this prefix? Maybe this piled-up feedback of our customers makes up something out of the box?

Complement Cold Pitching With In-Person Networking

The sexiest ever hit & trial strategy to get the deal freeze! To be very honest, be it any field, you have to complete with millions. Each and everyone in the market has more or less the same and extraordinary sales skill set. Now, what outshines you among all?

in person networking
In Person Networking

Craft a single-page interactive cold pitch that can pause your potential client for a moment to have your outlook at a glance.

Brand Yourself  With A Badge Of Loyalty

Let your existing customers brand you well! The newfangled approach adopted by the marketing industry to get recommended. The happy clients genuinely speak about you, so don’t you think your existing customers could be better sources to attract new customers for you?


It’s a good time to use the loyalty earned, have the testimonials of your clientele base and incorporate it into your pitches.

Genuinely Discuss The Risk Factors 

Marketing & sales do count the aftereffects, and it’s not bad to discuss it. Moreover, it evolves greater chances of the call to action. Yeah, you read it right! The map of probable risks with an outline of pre-planned optimized solutions & alternatives gives a thumbs up. It not only gains trust but also frames out the work structure being implemented.

Getting Your Team Trained

Most companies have been seen spending a huge amount of money on generating activities rather than training their sales team. The team members need to be recharged from time to time. The one-time training event isn’t enough to get them into proper behavior at peak times.

train your team
Train Your Team

They need to groomed from time to time to develop a proper sales culture over a long period of time. Such training will ensure that their skills are being polished. Also, the company can provide its employees with incentives and benefits, which will encourage the team members to enroll in more such training programs and utilize the methods taught herein actual work scenarios.

Bonus – Creating “Pre-Selling” Systems

The definition of sales and marketing has been changed. Gone are when a salesperson would carry bags, visit houses, and demonstrate the product or services to the customer. Today, the marketing or sales process, as well as the customer profiles, has changed. In addition, technology, especially multimedia and internet connectivity, has redefined the selling process.

Hence, the Pre-selling system has to be designed to meet the demands of the customer. The company needs to understand the customer’s business, identify his needs and problem areas, get into his shoes, and look at a solution using your product or service to suit the customer’s needs. This consultative selling method is the most effective model for the value that the customer derives from your effort is much higher than in any other mode of selling.

The next step includes presenting the solution to the client. Here the best presentations should be shown to the client that specifies his/her demand and how the facility will be provided to him/her in the best possible way.


So, this is all about how to increase conversion rate for your brand/products yet. Most of the tactics in our article are the optimizations for your brand’s website. Since most of the brands and businesses try to improve their conversion rate through marketing, we’d suggest you try our tips first.

If you’re still struggling with improved results in conversions, you can also consult us in terms of SEO & Branding to help you out.

Other Contributors – Aryan Shukla, Sai Pullela, Aloukik Rathore.



How important is conversion rate in online marketing?

this involves not only the sales pitch, but also the website design and layout, as well as special actions. High conversion rates mean more sales, fewer lost customers, and a greater return on advertising investment.

What percentage of marketing leads do not convert to sales?

79% of marketing leads do not convert into sales – a massive waste of potential customer base and revenue.

What is the second stage of sales conversion?

The second stage of Sales Conversion is interesting. The ones that become interested after an awareness campaign express their interest.

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