9 Easy Ways on How To Increase Sales On Amazon


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Since Amazon’s launch in 1994, it has grown exponentially, and today, it is the largest e-commerce marketplaceAlthough Amazon itself is a huge company, there are some effortless tips on how to increase sales on Amazon. 

Being a giant company means that Amazon already has access to customers. If you’re a small business owner and you want to sell your product on Amazon, you have to make sure that your products are not just competitively priced but better. 

In this post, I will share some of the best tips for how to increase sales on Amazon for small businesses.

Disclaimer: This post is the most comprehensive and detailed guide ever created about increasing sales on Amazon. It contains a lot of information and may be overwhelming at times.

I will break down everything into simple steps, so you can implement them step-by-step. But first of all, let’s start with an overview of all the methods you can use to increase your sales on Amazon.

So let’s see how to increase sales on amazon.

Primary Tips to Increase Sales on Amazon

The primary and most important tips are enlisted

Improve product quality

One of the best ways to increase Amazon’s sales is by improving your product’s quality. This will make customers more likely to purchase from you again and leave positive reviews, attracting more customers. There are a few different ways you can go about doing this:

Make sure your product is high-quality, lasts longer, and performs well. – Pay attention to the packaging of your product and make sure it looks professional and appealing. – Test your product thoroughly before listing it on Amazon to ensure it meets customer expectations.

Offer competitive prices

Another way to increase sales on Amazon is by offering competitive prices for your products. Customers are always looking for the best deals, so if you can offer them a reasonable price on a high-quality product, they’re more likely to buy from you instead of someone else.

  •  Research the prices of similar products and make sure yours are lower.
  •  Use coupons or discounts to offer even lower prices on your products. – Consider bundling items together to give customers a better deal overall.

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Now let me bring in the real deal. 

These tips show you how to increase sales on amazon.

Create a rainforest on your product page

Whenever a buyer searches for a product on amazon, the initial exposure state to a long gallery of images and search results is known as the rainforest. You can increase your sales using the data-made simple feature of rainforest API, which the seller offers means you and me.

Offer free shipping

Offering free shopping is still one of the good ways to increase sales. According to FedEx, “73% of the shoppers still wish to see free shipping in their cart as they proceed to checkout.”

free shipping
Free Shipping

So please give them the most accessible reason to buy from you. You can offer this for your most frequently purchased products, which is evidence for the prime users.

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Intensive use of keywords in the right place

If you miss this, you will regret it big time. You must plan your keywords and use them in the titles and descriptions. You can hire a product copywriter for unique product descriptions to increase your sales, but if you don’t, you still use keywords.

Your product title should have keywords, and you can’t compromise with it even if you wish to add some quirk to it.

Create an engaging video

Engaging videos are a great answer to increase your sales on amazon. For me and many others, it has worked. Videos are going up in the market, whether on social media, ads, brands, or e-commerce, and this is the tip you can rely on. 

My ultimate recommendation would be a kickass product video, which always works.

You can also provide free trials if that’s something you believe would work.

Make great use of amazon’s advertising features

Since the pandemic shot up the eCommerce market, there is even more, to leverage with amazon advertising. So risk a little and build your voice with amazon’s organic and paid advertising.

Advertising is a tremendous literal tool for eCommerce, so spending some time and effort on it will be great.

It is crucial for your brand equity and maintaining good consumer relationships.

Also, great advice on customer relationships answers the persistent question you are asking: how to increase sales on amazon. I will tell you at last why consumer relationships, it doesn’t matter how good, needs uplifting.

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Use the FBA program

Using the FBA program yields profound results, which is the technique of outsourcing the fulfillment procedure. 

After you do all the necessary things, put up your store and make it stand out. You will need to enroll in the FBA program for outsourcing order fulfillment.

fba program by amazon
FBA program by Amazon

The incentive offered by amazon for the banger FBA program are-

  1.  free shipping- to the fulfillment store
  2.  promotional clicks on ads, and that too for free
  3.  easy return processing

Leverage your social media

Social media is the best way to leverage any product-based business in the eCommerce market. I would love to give you a remarkable example of a brand- ‘this is kinda lit‘ that shot up just using the Instagram shop. And you can see for yourself if someone could upscale using the Instagram shop, then amazon has a way better strategy to implement. 

social media
Social media

The point is that you can use social media to upscale your products by showing customer reviews in video formats, adding stories, product announcements, etc.

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Use Sponsored Products to advertise your products

When you use Sponsored Products for advertising your products, people can find them when they search on Amazon. 

When they click on the ad, it will take them to your product’s detail page with an image and description. They’ll also see any reviews that have been there for your product or its competitors

Customers can add the product to their shopping cart or wish list on the detail page by clicking Add to Cart or Add to Wish List buttons. You can find these in the ad unit. 

Deals, Discounts, Reviews

The first on my mind on how to increase sales on amazon is right here.

Deals, discounts, and product reviews are no-brainers. Giving out discounts, reviews, and deals often on your product after a detailed strategized plan gives you sales.

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Healthy consumer relationships

No matter how many people are buying your products, really less or got raving fans. Having each consumer appreciated for the buy goes a long way. 

You might be having a dull consumer relationship, but it’s time for you to enhance it.

  •  You must send personalized emails and messages for offers like most famous brands do. 
  •  A small thanks goes a long way.
  •  Send them small incentives when they buy more.
  •  Ask them for genuine reviews and request to fill in easy small surveys.


I’ll be addressing a few FAQs and if you have a few more questions, feel free to shoot..

What documents are required to register as a seller, and I also don’t have a GST number? What should I do?

I say start! You must have essential details like- business and contact details along with your PAN and GST. Fret not. If you don’t have your GST yet, amazon will help you through the ClearTax offer for sellers.

Is it mandatory to opt for FBA?

No. It isn’t mandatory to opt for FBA; you can also go for the Fulfillment by merchant option.

Should I go for automated pricing?

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