What’s a Key Objective of Delivering Ad Extensions?

key objective in delivering ad extensions

Ad extensions are tools that allow advertisers to add additional information to their search engine ads. Discover how to increase the clickthrough rate of your ads and make them more visible with ad extensions. The key objective of delivering ad extensions is to display further information about your business. These add-ons, including call buttons, location links, photos, videos, and more, make the ad more beautiful and visible, increasing the likelihood that users would click on it.

Ad extensions can add extra details to your ad, improve your ranking on search engine results pages, and obtain better leads.

Key Objective of Delivering Ad Extensions

An ad extension is a tool that lets people take action from the search results. It increases the prominence of your ads and generates more clicks. An ad extension can also increase a website’s clickthrough rate by a couple of percentage points.

ad extensions

Furthermore, it can provide additional information, such as call buttons and location-related links.

What is Marketing?

Marketing is how businesses, entrepreneurs, and companies promote their products to create awareness or make people aware of their products and services. Marketing aims to get many customers, leads, and businesses for your organizations, businesses, shops, companies, etc.

what is marketing

There are several marketing strategies in the worldwide market, and an ad extension strategy is used for ad extensions. An extension strategy is an effective marketing strategy. Moreover, market shares for the given products, services, and businesses are increasingly in the maturity zone phase of the overall marketing product lifecycle. 

How Does Marketing Work?

By increasing a business’s market share for a specific product or service, the ad extension, an effective marketing strategy, places the product and services in the online market and front of the correct user. The ad extensions algorithm and marketing strategy both work together. They help businesses and users by connecting them and solving big problems. 

The ad extensions increase the probability and likelihood of getting more leads customers, matching the audience’s moment or time, interest, etc. They make the advertisement more appropriate, more relevant, more approachable, more attractive and draw much higher engagement.

The ad extensions include specific and beautiful business-related images or videos, a share button, and a like button. They address the audience’s intent, motive, device, search history, and location to provide the users with the appropriate and correct information or advertisement. 

how does marketing work

Among Google AdWords weapons, ad extensions are one of the weapons that are not utilized according to their potential or are used below their true potential. The Google Adwords extensions provide a larger area for greater ad visibility on the user’s search results page.

It allows you or your business advertisements to occupy a larger space on the user’s SERP (Search Engine Results Page). It also has several features that allow the advertisements to include more enticing information, additional links, images or videos, contact information, and rich data to seek users’ attention, ultimately increasing leads or clickthrough rates.

Different ad extensions depend upon their uses and working algorithms. Location extensions, product extensions, call extensions, communication extensions, offer extensions, Sitelinks, etc., are used or leveraged by businesses, organizations, and marketing agencies according to their needs and business requirements, moreover for various companies, organizations, products, and services. 

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Improve Your Ad Extensions

Apart from knowing the key objective of delivering ad extensions, there are also various ways to improve your ad campaigns through Google ad extensions.

  • Sitelink Ad Extensions

A site link extension is a text line that appears when your ads appear in the top three positions of search results. Adding site link descriptions to your ad groups or campaigns can increase the number of text lines next to each site link heading.

  • Call Extensions

Call extensions are similar to site links, making it easier for people to call you. They allow people to click on them from their mobile devices or desktop software like Skype. When creating a call extension, you can record calls in AdWords as conversions if they last longer than the duration of the ring.

improve your ad extensions

  • Promotion Extensions

A promotion extension is an ad that lets you display special offers or discounts below your ad. There are four types of promotion extensions.

  • Price Extensions

Price extensions are great for displaying different pricing levels and different service offerings. They can also improve your Quality Score by making the information people need quick and easily accessible.

  • Other Ad Extension Types

Other extensions include callout extensions, location extensions, and app extensions. Additionally, they can help boost the number of people who click on your ads.

What Makes Ad Extensions Useful?

Nearly every marketer can benefit from ad extensions thanks to their two key advantages, which are so pervasive.

  • They allow you to add extra details. Using larger ad text, you can persuade targets to click on your ad more effectively.
  •  They improve your ranking on search engine results pages: Extended ads are more effective due to their larger size.

Ad extensions drastically raise your clickthrough rate (CTR) by several percentage points for these reasons. The following are only a few of their other advantages:

Ads extension useful

Better Lead Quality

 By giving more details, extended advertising enables bad leads to disqualify themselves, resulting in fewer clicks that aren’t appropriate. Visitors who click through to your landing page will likely take the necessary action.

Better Ad Ranking

Google considers several variables when determining the position of your ad, such as relevancy, predicted CTR, and landing page experience. Adopting ad extensions alone will boost your rating because it enables Google to provide a broader range of ad styles.

Better Use Of PPC Budget

Ad extensions can help you cut your cost per click (CPC), increasing the return on your paid advertising investment. This is because they increase your CTR.

Extensions, Manual And Automated

There are two available extensions: manual, which needs some setup, and automatic.

Most of the extensions covered here are manual, although Google may also dynamically apply some if it believes they will enhance performance.

Automated extensions

It’s important to note that Google made several changes to automatic extensions in February 2022, including allowing them to coexist with manually added extensions like site links, callouts, and structured snippets (more on these later).

As a result, your ad might take up more space on the SERP and get more clicks.

Additionally, they can be introduced at the level of a campaign, ad group, or account, and reports might contain them.

Ad Rank and Extensions

The quality of your ads and landing pages, your bids, the user’s search context, the Ad Rank thresholds, and ad extensions are all factors in Ad Rank. Ad extensions can enable you to receive the same number of clicks while paying less, and they’re made to raise your performance.

Ad Rank decides how long your advertisements will run and how much you’ll pay per click. To outbid your nearest rival’s Ad Rank, you should bid at least the Ad Rank barrier in auctions. For instance, you should pay the minimum amount required to appear with site links and location extensions if your Ad Rank places you in the top position with both extensions.

Ads extension rank

You shouldn’t be concerned about your ad extensions showing as long as your Ad Rank is high enough. You may occasionally raise your bid or ad quality to guarantee that the extensions are displayed.

How to Create Google Ads Extensions and Configure Them

After learning more about the various Google Ads extensions and how they might benefit you, let’s look at how to set them up.

It would help if you first decided your objectives and which extensions will help you achieve them.

Choose the extension that makes it easier for targets to perform what you want.

The following steps are straightforward:

  1. Enter your Google Ads account information.
  2. Pick an ad group or a campaign.
  3. After selecting “Ads & extensions,” like “Extensions.”
  4. Choose the extension(s) you desire.
  5. Each extension type can be customized.
  6. Finally, hit “Save.” and get your extension.

Create ads extension

How Low Clicks Affect Business Goals

  • If your ad copy is cluttered and doesn’t stand out, it’s likely to suffer from poor CTR. Therefore to avoid this, highlight the unique selling points of your product or service. 
  • Creating multiple Ad Groups is the easiest way to create tightly themed keyword groups. The problem is that having too many keywords in one AdGroup affects the relationship between the text and the keywords in each ad group.
  • When people search for a specific keyword in an ad group, the ad group with the most keywords is not likely to contain the queries most likely to come across. Therefore this can affect the quality of the ad and its clicks.

low clicks affect business goals

  • One of the essential elements of ad copy is highlighting the product’s pricing in it. This will help improve CTR and sales leads when someone clicks on yours and theirs.
  • Retargeting is a technique that enables advertisers to serve ads to specific users. You can target people who have already visited your site and identified a particular product or service. Else you can create ads that will enable you to upsell more products.

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What is the main goal in offering ad extensions?

You can show additional details about your company, such as a number and address, a client review, or more links to other websites, by inserting an attachment to your ad.

What are the benefits of ad extensions?

Ad extensions increase the interactivity of your adverts and let you display useful details about your enterprise. Your advertising will have more opportunities to address users' individual demands when there are more extensions that are suitable.

What are the three universal ad extensions that every marketer should be using?

Despite the variety of tools that Google offers, there are three essential extensions that each marketer should take into account in order to improve their text advertisements. Sitelinks, callout extensions, and structured snippets are some of these extensions.

What is an example feature in an ad extension?

A tool that includes additional business details with your advertisement, such as an address, phone number, customer review, or more website connections.


Therefore, I hope you know and understand the key objective of delivering ad extensions. If you can’t remember the whole point, let me shorten it for you: 3-right’s (right users, correct information, and right moment) or three righteous actions when provided to the appropriate audience. Then we say that the critical objective of ad extensions is served or delivered. 

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