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10 Types Of Business Reports Created By Organizations

November 11, 2022 in Communication

Types of Business Reports: Business reports are documents that provide information by summarizing, evaluating, and then providing recommendations to the team or individual requesting the report. These reports typically have one of the following objectives.

Every organization needs to communicate a lot of information, and business reports are no different. The formal method of sharing information inside a corporation is through business reports.

types of business reports

You might not be sure when to use each report form, though, because so many kinds of reports are available in the business. You can’t afford to squander your time or resources on ineffective solutions that won’t help your company expand.

10 Different Types Of Business Reports Creation

For many firms, selecting a report is still a complex undertaking. In the following paragraphs, we’ve listed ten types of business reports.

Annual Report

An annual report is a detailed, all-inclusive account of a company’s accomplishments and financial results for the previous year. The most essential choices involve investments, product portfolio modifications, advertising campaigns, etc.

types of business reports

The report’s initial few pages have an appealing layout, a summary of the organization’s previous year’s activities, and plans for the future. 

Sales Report

One of the most straightforward business reports you can create is a sales and revenue report, which presents your sales data over a specified period. Most importantly, you may rapidly calculate your profit margin by comparing these figures to your expenses.

Sales Report

You can identify potential new business prospects where you can improve your performance using sales data. Data on leads generated, revenue, sales volume, KPIs, new accounts, and many other important metrics are all included in the report.

Technical Business Report

Technology is developing faster than the speed of light, which is why businesses occasionally update themselves with new technology. Technical reports update the workforce of a corporation about changes to the technology it uses.

Sales Report

Technical reports cover every aspect of the technology employed. Also, information on the company’s resources (and how many are required) to implement it.

Formal Business Report

Formal reports also function similarly, although they cannot forgo the business report’s structural format. They take longer to create than casual reports because they emphasize objectivity, structure, and detailed information.


These reports are prepared with established guidelines and submitted to the authorities accordingly. They are given to an appropriate authority, typically the top management of other corporations or department heads. Other people’s formal reports are divided into statutory reports and non-statutory reports.

Informal Business Report

Internally, informal business reports are widely utilized and offer more freedom. They don’t have to adhere to the exact formatting requirements.

types of business reports

These reports are created skillfully that the reporter finds convenient and are delivered to the appropriate person instantly upon request. Therefore, the motivation for creating an informal report is to disregard any formal framework in favor of effective and efficient communication.

Research Report

This is the most thorough business report needed when a business contemplates doing something new, like entering a new market or introducing a new product. Research papers can also help you and your team better understand the market, allowing you to focus all of your efforts in the proper directions.

types of business reports

Research reports overview the methodology, results, suggestions, and conclusions. It’s a valuable method for recording the research procedures and identifying any gaps that require correction.

Budget Report

A budget report contrasts the actual expenditures with the planned budget. It significantly aids organizations in making precise and educated financial decisions. Typically, drafting a budget report involves setting financial objectives for the firm.

types of business reports

Protecting the financial interest of the company is the aim of this report. Let’s assume that the organization’s expenses will rise the following year and that adequate arrangements will be made to protect them. The cash budget can give information on the organization’s liquidity position.

Explanatory Report

This report is necessary when you need to make a subject or circumstance understandable to everyone. In this report, you must outline your objectives, approach, conclusions, and suggested next steps.

Descriptive reports should be written unambiguously and briefly to ensure that even individuals who weren’t involved in the task can understand it.

Marketing Report

This report is necessary when you need to make a subject or circumstance understandable to everyone. In this report, you must outline your objectives, approach, conclusions, and suggested next steps.

Descriptive reports should be written in an apparent and concise manner so that even individuals not involved in the task can understand it. These reports assist you in determining the success or failure of your existing marketing tactics.

Product Report

Product reports, which contain crucial details about the things your business offers, are normally delivered to the management of the company. Frequently included are sales, discounts, inventory information, net and gross revenues, and more.

Senior managers and departmental heads can use these records to assess a product’s distinctive qualities and marketability. Business teams can work together and undertake in-depth product research thanks to it.


How many different research report types are there?

Research reports consist of two major types of reports mentioned below. 1.Technical Report A technical report is necessary when a thorough written report of a research effort is needed for public dissemination or record-keeping. These reports convey data and accurately identify their primary findings. 2.Popular Report The report that emphasizes the aesthetics and simplification of the data is the most popular. When its findings affect policy, it is employed. The emphasis is on writing, minimizing technical details, and liberally and thoroughly utilizing charts and diagrams.

What are the significant keys to business reports?

The various keys that could help frame an excellent report are as follows. 1.Title: The project's title, the name of the sponsoring organization, the author's name, and contact details are all listed on the cover page. 2.Headline: This part contains the title, the list of figures, and the table lists. 3.Introduction: An overview of the project is provided in this section so that you may quickly understand its main points. 4.Methodology: In this section, we'll discuss how to research and where to get the data for your analysis. 5.Result: We will use statistical data, graphs, and plots to display the final results. 6.Discussion: This section will discuss or successfully elucidate the thesis. In this section, we'll go over the main aspects of the project and how it will address a pressing issue.

Why are business reports necessary to the organization?

The business reports are essential in different aspects, which are as follows. 1. To investigate available and potential remedies for a condition, issue, or problem. 2.To use business and management theories to generate various improvement suggestions. 3.Demonstrate your critical thought, evaluation, and analysis capacity by identifying and considering potential consequences and solutions. 4.To draw judgments regarding a situation or topic. 5.To generate a variety of actionable proposals for the future.


With the above information, you have got to know about different types of business reports which facilitate the smooth and volatile operations of the company while defining the requirements, growth, sales, factors affecting different departments, finance, and many other things. Reports are the base material or stone for any department, project, organization, and individual as it helps in decision making and framing of future development goals

They present a concise review through analysis and summarizing a particular scenario or problem and make specific suggestions for continued development. The last report describes facts and figures of previous data of the company in a visual and manner format which helps managers get an accurate idea of the organization’s current situation.

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