How to Start a Wedding Blog and Earn as You Write

Blogging has become one of the best ways to earn even from the backseat of a dilapidated jeep. Whether your environment is the most envied or a literal hellhole, you can still know how to start a wedding blog and help couples wishing to make their special day worth reminiscing.

Taking the leap of faith and exploring horizons to start and run your wedding blog can be overwhelming. Getting wedding blog ideas together, putting the website in place, planning the content, getting noticed, and how to start a wedding blog in the first place.

Thankfully, at the end of this article, you’ll have a good idea of how to start a wedding blog. The best part is you don’t even have to be engaged or married to start the journey.

How to Start a Wedding Blog? Why do it?

It all culminates in passion, zeal, and love for weddings. If you’ve got a ton of creativity and have wedding ideas to die for, then setting up a wedding blog should be great for you. 

Why Start A Wedding Blog 

Blogging is a fun way to freely express your mind to couples and communities of all calibers and ethnicities: The soon to be newlyweds, friends, and family who’ve taken it upon themselves to carry out the wedding plans for a loved one or even wedding planners in dire need of new wedding tastes and wedding Operandi.

If you have dazzling prowess in wedding blog topics like wedding designs, planning, or any other related content, someone out there will thank you for the knowledge you’ll impart and for making your day a dream come true.

There are numerous reasons why you should consider setting up a wedding blog apart from the apparent reason of making money online. It would be lovely to cut a slice of your time dedicated to something you love and impact weddings worldwide from the comfort of your home.

Do Wedding Blogs Bring in The Buck

The answer is yes! Sweet music to the ears. Myriads of bloggers earn well from their excellent wedding blog ideas. However, it’s noteworthy that making a wedding blog takes time and dedication. Earning from blogging varies according to the quality of content served, the popularity of the blog, and how well promotional campaigns are carried out.

Do Wedding Blogs Bring in The Buck

The exact earnings vary on whether blogging is a part-time side hustle or a full-time profession. In other words, it’s all up to you and the dedication you pour into your content. The income generated is not fixed.

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How to Get Started?

The ‘how’ to start a wedding blog does not require calculus. You must follow this article’s simple, easy-to-implement steps to strengthen your online presence.

Establish Your Niche and Look For Your Audience

Narrowing down your content to align with a specific niche will save you from tumbling down with a loud thud. When your place is established, you can target a particular audience and present well-written and alluring blogs. Therefore, you can start with a wedding planning blog, for example.

Establish Your Niche and Look For Your Audience

An adage goes that if you try to please everyone, you’ll end up pleasing nobody, least of all yourself. This is true for blogging. For your honest endeavors to flourish with fewer hiccups, consider which wedding blog topics you’d do very well with and where your expertise will produce engaging content.

Ask yourself one of the wh-words: what? What exactly would you like to blog about? Wedding planning tips, wedding fashion and regalia, decor, and the ultimate wedding budget are some branches you can explore and blog about.  Look into what interests, concerns, and questions float around engaged couples.

That way, you’ll be able to invite traffic to your wedding blog since you’ll address engaged folks’ immediate needs.

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Select a Blogging Platform

A vast pool of online blogging platforms lets you get your blog up and running. An online host will enable you to get your blogs out there. If you’re new at blogging, getting an easy platform to pitch on is best.

Select a Blogging Platform

Only some have coding skills right at their fingertips. If you’re one of those folks, fear not. Many blogging platforms exist where prior experience in blogging is not a must. Advancing technology gives everyone a fair chance to shine if they seize the opportunities available.

Another essential question to ask yourself is, how? How should you select your blogging platform? Look for a platform that:

  • It aligns well with your budget – some platforms take charge, while some of the best media are free.
  • It has themes and templates that tickle your fancy and align with your desires.
  • It has a good content editor, the core of all blogging platforms, and determines how smooth your editing sessions will be.
  • Offers good SEO tools and features for better content optimization

Some good blogging platforms include Wix, CMS, WordPress, and Squarespace, to name a few. 

Register A Unique Domain Name

Next on the list would be choosing an attractive domain name. A catchy name can help lure people to your blog and explore some of your wedding blog topics. As you think of what to name your domain, remember the need to reflect your blog’s theme.

Make sure that your desired domain name still needs to be taken. The next step is to purchase it from one of the many domain registrars such as Siteground, GoDaddy, or Namecheap.

Design Your Blog

A visually appealing blog is always attractive. Choose responsive templates that fit well with your wedding blog’s theme. If your chosen domain doesn’t already have templates that speak to your soul and, hopefully, your target audience, don’t lose heart. More eye-catching templates for your wedding blog are available on other platforms, such as StudioPress and ThemeForest.

There’s a rich online media source to choose from, giving your website the vibrant look it ought to have. Opt to customize your templates to be unique and stand out in the crowd of wedding bloggers. Give them abundant colors, unique designs, and layouts that complement your wedding blog and give it zest and luster.

Create Superior Content

No matter how attractive or picturesque your blog looks, so will traffic if your content is dead. Create valuable blog posts related to your chosen niche that touch with quality and leave your audience hungry for more of you and your wedding ideas. There are many ways to get you to the top of the food chain in the wedding blogger ecosystem.

Create Superior Content

Exploit infographics, create over-the-top videos, curate image galleries, and use other possible means to make engaged couples feel drawn to your wedding blog posts. Give your audience a reason to feel guilty for not visiting again on your next post or not sharing your wedding planning blogs with friends and loved ones needing such impactful content. 

Optimize SEO

Optimize your blog’s content by using keywords relevant to your niche, high-resolution images for faster blog loading times, and meta tags to make your blogs appear more during searches. Optimized content will improve organic appearances, therefore minimizing costs for PPC campaigns. It gives you a higher ranking and will help make the search engine prioritize your content.

The cherry is always at the top, so make your content topping-worthy.

Promote Your Blog

Wedding enthusiasts usually hang out or gather on platforms like Facebook, Pinterest, Instagram, and Twitter. Get noticed and spark interest in your blogs by participating in online wedding communities. Engage with your audience on social media platforms by responding to comments and strategically dropping links to your official blog sites to speed up or start traffic flow.

Promote Your Blog

Remember, the more engagement with your audience, the more the wedding blog topics you’ll amass.

 Be Consistent

The last thing you’d want to do is be inconsistent with your wedding posts. Inconsistency is a thief of success. Regularly post new content and maintain an adequately planned blog post schedule. Keep yourself updated with recent wedding trends and continuously improve yourself to give your audience the best you could ever give.

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How much does it cost to publish a wedding blog?

The cost of publishing a blog depends on several factors. However, it's estimated that setting up costs somewhere between $50 to $200. Costs incurred per month will be significantly lower once you start operating.

Is owning a blog free?

The cost of owning a blog depends on your choices. Yes, owning a blog is free, but costs will be incurred if you opt for a custom website, photography, or domain. However, the money generated over time from the blog somehow outweighs the expenses of owning one.

Do wedding blogs make money?

Wedding blogging requires dedication, patience, and a lot of effort. It is not a get-rich-quick scheme, but with time and effort, you can earn well. There’s no fixed salary, and it depends on your efforts and input to your blogs.

How do you get 100,000 monthly views on your blog?

In short, choose a catchy domain name, make your content rich in quality, use SEO, and always keep updated with the latest trends related to your blog. Dig into your target audience’s interests and write about that. Market your content on the right platforms to engage with more people.


Embarking on a wedding blog is a fun learning journey and requires much patience and hard work before you can enjoy the fruit of your labor. Remember that building a prosperous blog requires you always to show up and make your online presence in the wedding industry felt with shock waves. How to start a wedding blog is not rocket science if you are diligent with all the required steps.

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