A Complete SWOT Analysis Of Swiggy

One of the leading companies in the international online food ordering and delivery market is Swiggy. People felt like they were in a bed of flowers due to its quick delivery. People used to go to restaurants in offline mode and wait for the food to be prepared for 45 minutes or more before receiving…


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swot analysis of swiggy

SWOT analysis of swiggy

One of the leading companies in the international online food ordering and delivery market is Swiggy. People felt like they were in a bed of flowers due to its quick delivery.

People used to go to restaurants in offline mode and wait for the food to be prepared for 45 minutes or more before receiving a piece of the meal, which was like a sour pill. Swiggy has instead done a fantastic job.

The SWOT analysis of Swiggy separates all of the key advantages, disadvantages, opportunities, and threats that could help the business improve sales. To learn more about Swiggy’s position, read this article.

The significant issues in  SWOT analysis of Swiggy must be addressed to maintain its long-term competitive edge.


Cool Packaging

Swiggy uses clean and hygienic packaging to deliver meals. Customers like to visit places that are tidy and sanitary.

Speedy delivery

By promptly delivering orders, Swiggy is renowned for looking after its clients.

speedy delivery

The hotels close to the consumers would appear in their interface. With the strategy of speedy delivery, Swiggy can process each customer’s orders quickly.

Large Choice

Due to its ability to select from several restaurants, Swiggy can offer its clients the diversity essential for drawing customers.

Educated Staff

From March 2019, Swiggy officially served 100 Indian cities and due to its excellent trained workforce, Swiggy is still expanding the “Areas Served.” 

educated staff

Very nice user interface

Swiggy has kept up a fantastic UI to take orders that clients can comfortably view. Its user interface is nicely set up such that the hotels are listed, and when clicking a hotel, its menu and tariffs are displayed.

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Delivery Fees for Purchases Under Rs. 250

While competitors like Zomato offer free delivery on low-bills orders, Swiggy adds a delivery fee on orders under Rs 250.

Lack of Brand Awareness

Swiggy needs to work harder on marketing initiatives and enhance the perception of its brand.

Locational Restrictions

Swiggy focuses on Zonal restaurants and only accepts orders from establishments close to the customer’s location.

locational restrictions

Swiggy has to expand its selection of restaurants in the same way that its rivals do.

Invalid discounts and coupons

In some cases, Swiggy provides customers with coupons and discounts valid for a set period and a set dollar amount.

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Market Share Growth

Swiggy’s market share could increase with a rebranding. SWOT Analysis could assist Swiggy to improve its share growth.

Offer Better Services

Delivery should happen quicker, and they must figure out a way to waive delivery fees entirely or drastically cut them for essential food products.

offer better services swot analysis of swiggy

Efficacious Value

With the market growing, Swiggy has the chance to collaborate with more zonal restaurants. Swiggy has to expand its network of Zonal restaurants to compete in the market.

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Expanding market for prospective customers

By offering high-quality service, Swiggy has been able to develop its customer base and market.

The first in food delivery

The first company to use this concept was Swiggy. A novel, inexpensive method of home delivery has been demonstrated.


Fewer clients

Swiggy’s current low consumer base seriously threatens the brand. Growing sales with fewer customers would not be easy, which would affect earnings.

Growing Competition

Swiggy observes a large number of small-scale rivals. When new rivals appear, they will make fresh deals, and occasionally customers may be tempted to move to the new brand. In this regard, it poses a severe danger to the brand.

More people are becoming health-conscious

People want less fast food because they are becoming more health conscious.

more people are becoming health-conscious

People would be hesitant to order food online if they couldn’t see the restaurant’s location or how clean it was. The brand is seriously at risk from this.

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The government’s changing rules and regulations

Swiggy and other start-up businesses are at risk due to the government’s constantly changing rules and regulations. For instance, new regulations require samples of food products for sale at any point in the supply chain.


What is the maximum delivery time on Swiggy?

Customers will have a minimum of two hours and a maximum of 48 hours to place their orders. Additionally, they can cancel the order at any time from within the app before Swiggy gives the restaurant where the delivery will be performed the order details.

How many orders can I put on Swiggy?

The same merchant may be the source of several orders, but not from different merchants simultaneously. However, if you do desire products from various sellers, you can order from a separate seller while your initial order is being processed and shipped if you do so after placing your order.

How does Swiggy continue to outperform its rivals?

Restaurants that have signed up to be Swiggy Exclusive were prioritized above competing listings. The restaurants were not too unhappy with the service because Swiggy had about half the market share by transactional volume in the Indian online food delivery arena.

Which aspect of a SWOT analysis is the most crucial?

Analysis of strengths and shortcomings is the first step, and this is the chance to examine the company’s internal operations to determine what it is doing well and what needs to be improved. This can be directed toward a particular project, method, or organization.


Swiggy’s operation has both advantages and disadvantages, and there are a few areas where it might improve to offer a better service. Swiggy Super’s availability in only a few cities is a problem that some consumers may find entirely off-putting. Swiggy Super isn’t available, but its speedy delivery and clean interface make up for it.

The major has been highlighted in the SWOT analysis of Swiggy in this article.

Strengths include the company’s fast delivery, neat packaging, etc., or initiatives that set it apart from rivals.

Weaknesses include a lack of brand awareness, local constraints, etc., that put the company or project at a competitive disadvantage.

Opportunities like productive value, the first on food delivery, etc., are aspects of the environment that a business or initiative could take advantage of to succeed.

Threats like fewer clients, growing competition, etc., are environmental factors that could interfere with the project or cause problems for the business.

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