The Marketing Mix Of Cadbury


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Cadbury is a multinational confectionery brand founded in 1824 in Birmingham, England, by John Cadbury. John and his brother started the company by selling cocoa and chocolate beverages, and it is now an international corporation owned by Mondelez International since 2010.

Jhon Cadbury

To meet the needs and demands of a specific customer, you have to develop and plan effective marketing strategies. These tools and techniques form the marketing strategies of Cadbury, which consist of various factors. This piece will discuss the marketing mix of Cadbury.

Here is an analysis of the Marketing Mix Of Cadbury, which helped it become a thriving business.

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Importance of Cadbury’s Marketing Mix

A marketing mix is essential to reach the target audience and distinguish a brand from its competitors with the help of a unique selling point. For the overall growth of a business, it is necessary to focus on all aspects and not just one. This way, Cadbury built a loyal customer base and a positive brand image.


Cadbury is well known for its quality products that cater to a market that ranges from children to adults. The type of product present in each country is different, and it depends upon various demographic factors, cost of production, demand fluctuation, and the rival’s marketing strategies.


Some of the items in its product mix are 

  1. Beverages such as Bournvita
  2. Chocolates such as Dairy Milk, 5 Star, Eclairs, and Gems
  3. Biscuits
  4. Candies/Gums, and many more.

Cadbury’s innovative ideas for its products have made it the best in the chocolate industry. It introduced new flavors and adopted unique branding and packaging strategies to keep its customers interested and engaged in the brand’s social media platforms.


Price is the amount paid for a particular product in terms of money in return. 

Cadbury has a carefully planned pricing strategy, with the price of a product varying as per its quantity. Cadbury’s products are affordable and provide value for money to its customers compared to its competitors, such as Nestle, Lindt, and Hershey’s.


Products such as Oreo Cookies, Cadbury Bournville, and Silk chocolates follow price strategies where the price of the new product is high initially. When a rival enters the market, the prices decrease. 

In fact, on special occasions such as Easter, Christmas, New Year’s, and Valentine’s Day, it offers its products at promotional prices. This way, customers can purchase products at discounted prices.

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As with Cadbury’s other marketing strategy marketing mix, the place or distribution channel is how the product or service reaches the customer. 

With the help of a solid distribution channel, its products are available to all. The distribution channel comprises wholesalers, retailers, online sales, and direct sales through chocolate vending machines. Be it the grocery store or the supermarket, the products are always placed at a visible location. Ultimately, doing this catches the attention of the people passing by. Its online presence has also increased brand awareness, thus increasing both profits and customer base.


Promotion is used as a form of communication by the brand to spread awareness about its products and services.

Additionally, Cadbury uses unique catchphrases and jingles to attract customers in its advertising and media campaigns. They use positive hashtags on social media platforms, encourage viewers to share their posts, and tag their loved ones in the comment section.



This way, they bring people together and increase their engagement on its pages. Promotional offers such as buy-one-get-one-free and partnering with sports events like the Commonwealth have helped it increase its brand visibility.

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People are an essential part of the marketing mix of Cadbury, which refers to the strategies used to engage customers and employees.

Cadbury has a unique and customer-friendly approach. It believes in building a loyal customer base. To achieve this, it has been active on its social media platforms, addressing various customer concerns. It also has a customer service team to handle the queries that arise. 

Cadbury invests in employee training and development programs, ensuring its employees have the skills and knowledge to provide specific solutions. 

It has a corporate culture includes values such as respect for all employees and honesty. Thus, promoting diversity of culture and avoiding all kinds of biases.


It makes sure that its products are readily available and accessible to everyone. It is done with the help of its efficient order fulfillment and delivery process. Using a GPS tracker ensures on-time delivery of the product.


Several quality control and assurance processes take place to meet customer expectations. It includes testing raw materials, addressing product quality issues, and constantly improving the finished product.

Cadbury’s online customer support portals are always accessible. The customer support number is available 24/7. For complete customer satisfaction, return and refund options are also available.

Physical Evidence

Physical evidence refers to a product’s physical existence and features that a customer sees, contributing to the customer’s perception of the product.

Store layout and design form the first impression of the product. The store should place the product so that it can be seen and is easy to find. A well-designed layout can increase sales and encourage repeat visits.

Appealing packaging can get customers to look closer and influence their purchasing decision. Packaging and labeling can create a positive impact on the minds of the consumer. It is necessary to mention all the product details, such as ingredients, benefits, processes, and features. 

The proper presentation and display of products can change a lot, and the display position will highlight the product and its new launch or make it invisible.


What is the Marketing mix of Cadbury?

Marketing mix of Cadbury helped it evolve as a brand from its marketing mix. Product, pricing, location, advertising, people, method, and physical proof are all examples of evidence.

What are the promotion strategies of Cadbury?

Cadbury uses attractive slogans and different jargon for different products to form an impression on people’s minds. It promotes its products through television, radio, social media, and print media.

What makes Cadbury so successful?

The adoption of different strategies for different countries depending upon the market demand and competition is what has made Cadbury so successful today.

Who are the competitors of Cadbury in the market?

Brands such as Lindt, Nestle, Mars, Hershey’s, and many more are the competitors of Cadbury. However, even after so many competitors enter the market, Cadbury has managed to stay on top, bringing smiles to the faces of the audience it caters to.


Cadbury has established itself as a victorious global confectionery brand with effective marketing mix strategies. By adapting to the changes in market trends and customer demands, it has been a popular choice for customers from all demographics. As a multinational brand best in its industry, it focuses on quality products, pricing strategies, distribution channels, availability of products in different regions, advertising and media campaigns for Cadbury, customer service and engagement strategies, order fulfillment and delivery processes, and packaging and labeling.

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