What is Pull Marketing? Best Examples in 2024

Need help with marketing strategies? Well, there is something that you may need to learn about marketing, yet it can upgrade your marketing. Here we are talking about what pull marketing is. Pull and push are beneficial tactics in marketing that can leverage customers. This guide will teach us about pull marketing with its best…


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Pull marketing

Pull marketing

Need help with marketing strategies? Well, there is something that you may need to learn about marketing, yet it can upgrade your marketing. Here we are talking about what pull marketing is.

What is Pull marketing

Pull and push are beneficial tactics in marketing that can leverage customers. This guide will teach us about pull marketing with its best examples.

However, that’s only some of what you will get in this article. We will talk about the best examples in pull marketing and much more that can help you with pull marketing.

What is Pull Marketing?

It is already mentioned that pull and push are two essential tactics in marketing. Although both go hand in hand, we are talking about pull marketing.

Pull Push marketing

Before jumping onto any definition, it will be helpful for us to understand it step by step. What happens in general marketing strategies is that first, a retailer stocks a product and then sells it.

However, the number of consumers who can become buyers is raised in pull marketing first. And then, retailers stock that product and sell it.

Specifically, in pull marketing, demand for a particular product is created. In this marketing strategy, brands directly approach the consumers through a marketing campaign, and then these consumers reach out to the retailers who ultimately stock up on those products.

When consumers get to know about products directly, they will not settle for less. Therefore, it helps them with their decision-making.

On the other hand, companies can control demand and supply chains in this way. They will know the demand and then can produce and stock up accordingly.

A company can advertise a product through pull marketing before it is stocked, and it saves energy and money by just producing the right amount. Moreover, they can produce less quantity to raise the product’s price.

The best examples

We already know what pull marketing is. However, now it’s time to turn our attention to some examples.

As we know, in pull marketing, brands need to drive demand to stock up on their products.

Pull marketing Examples

In addition, brands must ensure that their potential consumers buy their products and build brand awareness and excitement among their future buyers.

Many examples include TTL, BTL, and ATL. They stand for through-the-line, below-the-line, and above-the-line marketing.

Learn more about ATL, BTL, and TTL Marketing.

In the first example, companies emphasize creating brand awareness so people can easily brand. However, it can’t provide quantitative measures, but it is essential for brand growth.

In the second example, companies focus on their targeted audience and aim at individuals. Unlike the above instance, companies want safe returns on investment and track them.

This pull marketing example is a combination of above mentioned two cases. Companies want to create brand awareness to reach their target audience. However, it requires more financial resources than the other two examples.

In addition to these examples, there are many more ways in which companies can use this marketing strategy.

How to Use it?

Well, what pull marketing is an easy question to answer, but how to apply it is not easy at all. To execute pull marketing tactics, companies need to keep in mind various things.

Firstly, they need an execution plan and appropriate financial as well other resources. Not all companies can use pull marketing. Above mentioned three examples are primarily used cases in pull marketing, and companies are generally the best suitable among them.

Secondly, they have to create demand for a product apart from everything. Or they have to make their audience believe that they have a problem and need a solution.

When pointing out a problem among the audience, they need to steer it in a way that can benefit them, not their competitors. They need buyers in their favor, not their rivals because they have pointed out a general problem.

So, people will buy the best products for them, so companies must display their products in the best way possible. There are many ways in which companies can promote their brand and approach their target audience.

Some of them are,

Among them, word–of–mouth recommendations are the most genuine and reliable way. Moreover, when other methods are new, it is one old way that various brands still use. 


Pull marketing drawbacks

To get complete knowledge of pull marketing, looking at its limitations is essential.

  • As you have now understood, pull marketing is a time taking marketing tactic, and it can’t provide instant results and will take considerable time.
  • Moreover, it is useful when there is already high brand loyalty because lead generation time can stretch if people don’t know about the brand.
  • In addition to this, it becomes more challenging to create high demand for a product. Companies have to reach the audience, make them convinced and create order.
  • This will take time and makes generating high demand for their products challenging.
  • This situation becomes more challenging in a highly competitive market. When so many companies address the same problem, they have to make their products unique.
  • Companies need more robust marketing efforts to build their brand awareness. And at the same time, it generates demand and products.

However, regardless of these drawbacks, one fact can’t be denied. That is, pull marketing can lead to long-term customer loyalty.

This can help companies retain their customers for a long time and attract new consumers.


As times change, marketing tactics are also diversifying. It is seen in the different methods brands and companies are using.

However, this is a two–way funnel where marketers and consumers look forward to each other. If marketers seek to promote their products, people also actively search for their problems.

People search for answers to their problems online and in community forums. They are also perfect for research as companies can collect data from here.

Ultimately they can use this data to plan their marketing strategy and create awareness. Even in some instances, they can make their community forum highlight one problem.

Then they can promote their brand and its products to the community members. Therefore there are many ways in which brands can use pull marketing.

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Q1. What is push marketing?

A: Push marketing is another sort of marketing where companies place their products directly before the consumers. The best example is the one-buy-get-one offer. In this case, companies advertise their product right in front of people so that they can buy it on the spot.

Q2. Can we use push-and-pull marketing together?

A: Yes, although they are used separately, brands also use them together. In this way, they will get both short–and long-term benefits.