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17 Best Writing Tools And Software To Use As A Copywriter

September 5, 2022 in Content Marketing

If you have a natural flair for words, and maybe if you have that manipulative and persuading way with words that always impact people in your case, then buddy, you can be a copywriter and earn a great living! Provided you have a good hold of the blogging tools.

COPYWRITING is about getting inside the head of the customer to understand their psyche, and helping them solve a problem with a product or service that they could not do without your help. Copywriters are those creative breeds of content writers who know how to sell their smartness

copywriting tools
Copywriting tools


You need to be able to write in a way that will ultimately sell. That means the customer and the audience you are targeting are bound, by the persuasive text, to take the desired action. 

BUT before you jump into this business and start your career with copywriting, you need to know about these amazing tools to get your talent channelized the right way.

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Best Blogging Tools

Here are seventeen amazing apps and softwares that you can use as a copywriter! 

1. Grammarly

COME ON! We are humans, and humans tend to make mistakes! 

When you are a copywriter, you are more concerned with optimizing the text, making it more compelling so that the client ends up taking the desired action.  


You might miss the correct grammar. 

That’s when this app comes to your rescue. 


Backed by a strong AI detection system, Grammarly detects and corrects spelling, punctuations, grammar and proofreads the text for you, thus saving a lot of time and trouble. 


It also provides super cool ways to improve your text and make necessary changes. 

You can also use it for your day-to-day work and not just copywriting. 

No matter if language has taken an altogether different plunge in the messaging world, but “TBH,” when you are a professional writer, you will always urge to have the blogging tools and this is one of them.

Kudos, you have this amazing app for your respite. 

2. Hemingway Editor

Alright! This one is my favorite, and that’s for a reason. 

We all have this knack of being a little bit extra empathetic, especially with our work. However, while our work may seem pleasing and understandable to us, it may not suit the target audience. 

Hemingway Editor

An average person reads comfortably at the 7-8th grade level. So while the artist in you might compel you to embellish your work in every possible way, that may not be the wise thing to do. 

That’s where Hemingway Editor takes the lead and slices all the unnecessary decorations off your text. It tells you where your vocabulary becomes inconvenient for the audience. 

It also uses certain color codes to highlight lengthy, complex, and difficult sentences 

so that these can be optimized to meet the audience’s expectations.

3. Canvas

“ An image speaks a thousand words.”

If you know, why not apply this principle to get a deal closed! 

Canvas offers amazing graphics and illustrations that can enhance your copy and add originality to it. 


We have these plagiarism issues with graphics and images that we use from certain websites and sources. However, the best part about this tool is that it enables you to design your logos, illustrations, infographics, ads, etc., for free. Which you do not get in the other blogging tools.

Use this app to adorn your copy and make it even more compelling. 

4. Google Docs

You are a copywriter with zillions of ideas in your head and unsure where to put them so that you can retrieve them later. 


google docs
Google Docs

Google Docs is an extremely simple app that lets you store as much data as you want assorted documents. 

So write a copy, whether you may finalize it or not, and then come back later with more interesting ideas and edit your piece as and when required. 

5. Goodreads

Good quotes are always helpful to grab attention and prove a pom. Two things that are essential to a copywriter. Goodreads does exactly that by providing you with quotes from different authors. It also provides you with good book recommendations, which is always a plus.


This site is free to access and can be done by a simple sign-up procedure irrespective of all other blogging tools.

6. BuzzSumo

In the online world, SEO plays a vital role, which is why a copywriter has to be very particular about the kinds and number of keywords in the copy he or she writes. BuzzSumo is here. In addition to SEO help, it also allows you to discover new ideas related to your topics and compare them.


It gives you data-driven information and also provides you with an influencer information site that has a few free features which can be.

7. Ubersuggest

Ubersuggest is an SEO-driven website that enables you to search data and gives you insights about SERPs. (Search engine results page) In addition to this, it also gives you information about your competitor’s websites. Another useful feature is that it gives you keyword ideas that are related to your searches.


In all, this is a useful site that makes your work easy. It costs about 40$- 135$ a month, but you can avail the seven-day free trial version to explore the website yourself. 

8. Coschedule

They will decide whether your content piece will be read or not. So when it comes to writing a headline, it is best to use a tool. Coschedule is a powerful tool when it comes to writing powerful headlines.

Co Schedule

This free website tests your headline in terms of search volume and reliability. It also tells you about the sentiment, clarity, and word balance in comparison to the other blogging tools. 

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9. Unsuck It

Unsuck is a fun and extremely handy website used to break down business jargon. Suppose you have to explain any jargon used to an audience who is not necessarily aware. Unsuck it will explain the word to you in simple layman language.

10. Scrivener

For any writer, it doesn’t matter if he is from any niche or any specific field. Scrivener is the best software for every writer. It provides everything that any writer can need. Also one of the most used software for writing. It will allow you to compose text in any order in any series, as large or small as you want. 


You can do a lot with it. It gives various incomparable features that will blow your mind as a writer. For example, it has an autosave option, photo editing option templates, and other interesting features that can be used to make writing more effective.

11. Rhymezone

Of all the blogging tools, Rhymezone is much better than any other software for copywriting to generate rhyme, quotes, synonyms, common phrases, etc. It is one of the best copywriting software to make attractive lines to attract consumers. 

Rhymezone can give another height to your copywriting, and with some keywords, you can get phrases in your favor. It provides you with flexibility for your work. 

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12. AnswerThePublic

As a copywriter, you would want to know what the public seeks out of the service or product you are writing the copy. 

This application gives you insights about the same. 

AnswerThePublic uses data from Google search results and uses it to extract meaningful information about people’s most repeated queries and their curious genres. This helps to know exactly what the public wants, thereby giving the copywriter an idea of what to include in the copy. 

answer the public
Answer The Public

So basically, you can directly have a list of services, products, and content in your customer’s inventory and optimize your copy based on their requirements. 

13. Yoast

The most trending software for writing gives you visual feedback about your writing. Mostly concerned with making your writing Google-friendly. A digital copywriter has pressure to rank on Google’s search engine. As a result, Yoast is the best software or plugin for optimizing your copywriting.

It also works with any CMS, such as WordPress, and can analyze your writing and recommend the best way to improve it.

14. Readable Blogging Tools

A distinguishing feature of readable is the ability to manually check your writing age by typing, URL or text. In addition, unlike some other mathematical copywriting tools, it provides detailed information on how all metrics are calculated.


You are allowed to import documents in any format like pdf, jpg, etc. In addition, Readable has several features that will help a copywriter make interesting copies that can engage the audience. 

15. Share Through Headline Analyzer

This app lets you know how well your headline can rank according to the sophisticated Google algorithm. 

The scientific research that has gone to make this app reflects the precise and trustworthy results it gives to its users. All you have to do is type your copywriting headline and check for the results. It will give you the headline quality score and an idea of where your headline can stand in the competitive market of the internet. 

It even tells you ways to make your headlines even better. So give it a try, and you would come back to it more often for its amazing calculations. 

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16. Moz Bar

It is a great blogging tool. You can also get its free browser extension. For any digital copywriter, Moz Bar can help in many ways. Ultimately, it gives matrices and analytics tools and also helps to check page authority and domain authority. 


To beat your competitor on Google search, Mozbar can help you in the best way. Keyword suggestions will help you to make your copywriting optimized and to score better in any search engine.

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Special Mention – Thesaurus

Thesaurus is a handy website for when you have one of those “what is the word for this?” kinds of days. This free website provides you with several synonyms and definitions for any word you are struggling with. You can also use the Grammar Coach feature, which allows you to import your content into the website and correct your content for you. 


So these are 6 awesome tools to get you started, but the list doesn’t end here. 

Begin with this and find more ways to add value to your work. 

Have a Happy journey COPYWRITING! 

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Has anybody tried to use an AI writing tool to write their website content?

Writing new posts can be challenging, especially when you are a busy business owner. Therefore, you can consider using an AI content creation tool.

Why do I need to use paid writing tools to improve my writing?

There are many paid tools that a writer can use to help them with their work. These writers can help with everything from content creation to copywriting.

How do I use the writing prompts tool?

All you have to do is input your base word or words, and then you can select a working title for a new writing prompt.

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