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How does Blogging help SEO? Should You Still Do It?

January 27, 2023 in Content Marketing

A blog serves the same purpose, personal or professional: it connects the writer or business with the reader or audience. It improves interaction and involvement between the two parties. If the blog’s content is of exceptional quality, it may get noticed. In contrast to websites, blogs offer interesting and entertaining content, which helps businesses stay up to date with trends.

A blog adds traffic to the page, which helps it come up top in search results; a blog enhances the quality of SEO. Thus a blog can help you provide accurate responses to readers’ inquiries. 

This article will focus on the benefits of blogging for SEO and how does it help SEO.

Four reasons why does blogging help SEO:

  • Updated Fresh content 
  • Internal link
  • Connectivity
  • Optimized Keyword

Fresh and updated content 

Writing blogs and posting them once a week will bring you more visitors than you might anticipate. Your blog’s visitor rate rises based on how well you utilize precise target keywords.

Regular blog post updates are the secret to creating content with the highest SEO. To strengthen the authority of the website and foster more audience trust, a blogger should have the ability to produce high-quality, pertinent content consistently.


The updated content the blogger provides to its viewers distinguishes blogging from websites, which don’t need to be updated as frequently as blogs do. As a result, Google gives it a higher ranking since it offers better solutions and higher-quality content instead of giving the audience outdated information.

How do you keep your blog’s content current?

For your content to rank higher on search engines, it is crucial to have relevant, new, and updated information to share with your readers. Make the necessary adjustments that require your attention. 

If your blog has a lot of posts and you’ve already published for a really long time, you should delete any old entries that don’t pertain to the present since Google doesn’t want to provide its users with out-of-date material; instead, it wants to list revised versions. The ranking process gives significant weight to attractive and well-kept websites.

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Internal Link

Adding a link to another blog post of yours on your website, blog, or another site link with the same content is known as an “internal link”. There are two kinds of links: 

  • internal links 
  • external links.

Internal linking is important in SEO, so adding good and related links will boost your SEO quality. Google crawls websites in search of links. By doing so, Google determines the value of the content in other posts by understanding its relativity and relevance.

internal links for seo

Contextual links, navigational links, and footer links are internal links.


As was previously discussed, the blog serves as a connection point for the blogger and the reader. If you’re thinking of starting a blog, you should consider your audience and consider what they enjoy, what they love, and what the hottest topics are. The trend in this context means, for instance, that during December, you can post a blog on Christmas, such as the best books to read over the course of your winter or Christmas vacations.

To increase website traffic, take advantage of the holiday season and provide relevant content. Consequently, the information you share with the audience has some relevance to them. Most individuals can relate to or connect with your content because your target audience is ordinary folks, and everybody loves the Christmas season.

As the number of visitors to your blog increases, if they like the content, they will continue to visit your blog in the future, making blogging the best way to connect with people.

Optimized keyword

The search intent should accurately reflect the user’s desired outcome because search intent is important for SEO. To meet the search purpose, one must therefore utilize optimal keywords.


 Take a group of people looking for Iceland’s top restaurant or “the best authentic Thai food in Thailand” as an example. “Iceland” and “restaurant” are important words here. The operative phrase for the best Thai food is Thai food or authentic Thai food. The keywords have an impact on the search results, and SEO experts advise utilizing more specific keywords to increase the traffic to your website.

Why does SEO place such a strong emphasis on keywords? 

A keyword is essential for any website or blog because it acts as a label for your content.

 When a user types relevant words into a search engine, the results are displayed on the screen (search intent) based on the word or phrase the user types on the search tab.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some of the FAQs about the does blogging help SEO.

Can you do SEO without blogging?

Yes. There are several other ways to increase your band's visibility with SEO skills. But one effective way is through blogging, and you can generate enough traffic for your site by blogging with specific keywords.

Can I learn SEO in a day?

No, it is not possible. Even learning the basics of SEO skills would take around 4-5 weeks and months to practice and master them. SEO is not something you can master overnight; it requires a lot of time to study the theory and practice it on a daily basis.

Who is the father of SEO?

According to online sources, Bruce Clay. Bruce Clay is an internet marketing veteran; he is the founder and father of search engine optimization.

Is SEO easy to learn?

It varies depending on how enthusiastic you are to learn SEO; as we've already mentioned, it is not a subject that can be grasped in just one sitting. Learning takes time, patience, and effort; some might give up in the middle, or you'll lose interest after a few months.


How does Blogging help SEO? The answer is yes; blogging is the best strategy to drive more people to a website and boost your SEO quality, and it also has a significant impact on SEO.

 Check that your blog meets all of the requirements. The basic prerequisites for creating an SEO blog include picking the right subject or the most pressing issue at hand, keeping SEO in mind, using specific keywords, including eye-catching optimized images or videos relating to that subject, and including internal links.

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