Detailed Marketing Strategy of Parle – 2024 Update 

marketing strategy of parle

Parle Products is an Indian multinational processed food company currently located in Mumbai. Their biscuit brand Parle-G is the best-selling biscuit in the world. Parle Products has been India’s largest manufacturer of biscuits and confectionery for almost 90 years. Eventually, Parle became the World’s Largest Selling Biscuit Brand as it maintained its quality standards and was India’s most consumed brand. 

Parle brands that deal with Parle-G, Monaco, and Melody reached $2 billion annual gross in 2022 and qualified as India’s first food brand. They introduced a wide variety of food items to people, not only biscuits but also chips, candy, and delicious confectionary products. Their strategy was to make their products reach each platform, from poor to rich, schools to industries, etc.

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Marketing Strategy of Parle

Let’s see some marketing strategies of Parle:

Parle’s SWOT analysis

SWOT analysis of the company, highlighting its benefits, drawbacks, opportunities, and threats. Examining Parle’s SWOT analysis is a good place to start.

Power of the Argument

  • One of the most well-known and dependable brands is Parle.
  • They have a price advantage over rival businesses since they sell incredibly low prices.
  • Their supply chain is well-connected.
  • The world’s most popular biscuit brand is Parle G.
  • The corporation started several CSR initiatives.
  • Significant Social Media Presence


The Parle product has the following flaws:

  • Similar include Marie biscuits, bourbon, sweet and salty crackers, and cream biscuits.
  • Most of the business’s revenue comes from its Parle G cookie.
  • The regional market is full of rival businesses.
  • Consumers will grow bored eating biscuits with the same old flavor.

Opportunities of Parle

The following items can help you learn about Parle product opportunities:

  • Expanded marketing communications initiatives.
  •  Demand for cutting-edge packaging.
  • Latest cutting-edge promotion strategies.
  • Developing rural market


The following are the threats to the Parle promotional strategy:

  • Britannia and ITC goods are rivals in this market.
  • Parle is no longer relevant due to the increase in income.
  • The product has the same old taste, indicating that the market is mature.

Parle’s presence on social media

The term “digital presence of the company” refers to how a company appears online and encompasses content you can manage, such as your websites and social media platforms, and stuff you cannot control, such as online consumer reviews.

Before the change, newspapers and televisions were the only media outlets employed by Parle Company to advertise its products. As a result, the company has boosted digital promotion to 15-20%. The business connects with youthful customers through Parle-G-specific profiles on social media sites.

The company’s content is engaging and focused. That can market its products through digital channels because it wants to establish a strong brand identity.

These are the marketing tactics that the Parle Company has used to assist them in reaching their goals, as marketing is crucial to business expansion, as can be seen from the following conclusion.

About Parle

We associate the word Parle with the iconic Parle G biscuit, which has been around for decades. However, this Indian business deals with goods besides biscuits. The three product categories that comprise most of Parle’s offerings—biscuits, confectionery, and snacks—are predominantly found in India. Although not widely known, this brand has a dominating market share in India after 80 years in business.

Due to its reputation for creating high-quality products, Parle has grown into a multimillion-dollar company. Parle is renowned for offering specially formulated snacks to satisfy Indian palates.

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The Origin of Parle

Parle Products Private Limited, the company, was established by Mohanlal Dayal Chauhan and their family members. It started in Ville Parle, Mumbai, during India’s British rule in 1929. 

origin parle

The Chauhan family initiated the production of biscuits in 1939. A few years later, after independence, India started advertisements parle-G projects prepared by the Britishers. 

Parle is one of the largest selling globally and the oldest brand in India. It addresses an awareness of the Indian user’s psychology. 

Parle has executed well-being and taste, including a budget-friendly packet affordable for all kinds and age groups of consumers.

The marketing strategy of Parle-G refined its marketing strategy by observing the requirements of the Indian people. 

The Parle marketing strategy that leads to achievements

Parle has 150-plus products, 36 popular brands, and 21-plus transportation. It produces several fragments that build Parle as unique and productive. 

Parle Product Genre

The marketing strategy of Parle-G has introduced a genre of products in the marketplace. It has Parle biscuits, including Parle-G, 20-20, Krackjack, Monaco, Magix, Fab, Marie, Milano, Happy Happy, Milk Shakti, and many more. 

In snacks, Parles chips, FullToss, ChatKeens and hide and seek, Nutricrunch, and others. 

product genre

Eclairs, kaccha mango bite, mango bite, Melody, and Poppins are a few delicious confectionery products from the Parle brand. 

While looking at product costs based on an economical budget, this type of product is relatively easy to spend for lower-class people and middle or upper-middle-class families to these kinds of products.

The economical range of Parle products

Parle-G’s marketing strategy is to keep their products cost economical that more accessible for them to attract consumers.

The marketing strategy of Parle-G achieved a high ratio just because of their economical pricing segment. Parle enables it to maintain its marketing and supply higher productions.

As per their marketing strategy to validate product standards, this method allows them to arrive at nearby large consumers. 

Parle has struggled with a low-high turnover, but their cost section is a positive side of their growth ratio. 

Locality and product delivery approach

Parle-G’s marketing strategy to reach every locality and different delivery plans of action is considered a profitable marketing strategy.

In India, 70 -75% of people live in rural villages. Their Parle-G pack costs Rs 3, and they have ignored raising the price for many years. This plan of Parle biscuit marketing brought favorable results on their way. 

product delivery approach

The increase in small stores, Kirana stores, and retailing services brought a new ray to supplies of food and retail products and easy-to-reach rural consumers in their locality. 

The product delivery is in different regions, including hotels, restaurants, and malls. Parle product delivery quantities increased that way. 

The intelligent way of Ad promotion 

Parle Food brand uses the advertisement method, including tv, newspaper and print media, and online advertisements. 

The way of Parle biscuit marketing ads is catchy to gain consumers’ minds. 

ad promotion

They have initiated their promotions through an advertisement mascot of a small girl over the Parle G biscuit packet. 

They used delightful taglines, including The tasty, healthy food and Bharat ka Apna biscuit. 

The association of sponsorships

Parle FMCG brand sponsors popular Tv shows, including Shaktiman, Chotta Bheem, and a few others. 


Their main objective is to drive children’s attention toward this product. 

Branding through celebrity

The brand ambassador of Parle products, including Twinkle Khanna for the Milano brand, and Amitabh Bachchan signed for Gold Star cookies, Amir Khan for Monaco. 

Advertisements Campaigns Engaging context

Advertising campaigns create recognition, audience engagement, and sales conversion towards a service or brand. 

Parle G’s intelligent marketing strategy of Parle g assists them in strengthening their brand value and brand-building process. 

Here are a few primary vital points through their ad strategy;

G Maane Genius’s campaign is the central intent to obtain joy by helping others.

g maane genius

You are my Parle-G marketing campaign to dedicate the mother for their endless work and sacrifices for their children and family. 

Roko Mat Toko Mat campaign to bring awareness to understand a child’s psychology and their interest in doing or learning to achieve. 

Parle Agro promtion mix

The Parle-G subordinate brand Parle Agro they have launched products like Frooti, Fizz, flavored milk, and Bisleri water. 

parle agro

So beverage company Parle Agro can understand the audience that makes consumers’ choices listing.

The advertisement campaign parle agro promotion mix through Alia Bhatt, Ram Charan, and Varun Dhawan can attract consumers towards these beverages. 

Insights to Parle Ups and down

Parle has seen many ups and down, whether it gains in revenue or loss of revenues. They have gained success and simultaneously faced criticism too. 


Here are a few pros and cons of the Parle brand. 


  • Parle is gained more popularity and has been a reliable brand in India for years. 
  • It is an economical cost that can be avail by every class.
  • The distribution channel of Parle is significant and widespread globally. 
  • They facilitate consumers to take different tastes in their products which is part of the effective marketing strategy of parle-G. 


  • The Parle brand collects more revenue from the Parle-G biscuits compared to other products selling ratio failed to impress consumers.
  • Parle needs to improve its consumer’s interest and identify that.
  • They require to effort more to challenge their popular FMCG competitors. 

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is one of the successful marketing strategies of the Parle brand?

Parle brand has taken the economic price of the products by observing the Indian consumers seriously. Keeping their product's price at a lower average that can be affordable by any class is one of the successful strategies of the Parle brand.

What are the famous products of the Parle brand?

Parle brand has several genre products, biscuits, confectionery, Platina ranges, and beverages from its subordinate brand. Parle-G, Hide and Seek, Monaco, Kaccha mango bite, Melody, Frooti, flavored milk, and Bisleri water are a few popular products from the Parle brand.

Who are the audiences of focus of the Parle-G brand?

The focus audiences of Parle-G centrally are 5 to 12 years old kids. Apart from this, the biscuit is widely adaptable to different age groups of people.


Therefore, a company or brand will reach audiences with a proper marketing strategy. Parle brand has one of the most reliable brands from India and also spreads services to locations abroad.

One needs to stay upgraded with technology and use the right strategies to grow in the marketplace. Parle has proved itself as a good brand in the FMCG industry. 

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