Top 10 SimilarWeb Alternatives That You Should Try

Are you looking for alternatives to SimilarWeb? Well, look no further! In this article, we will discover the top 10 SimilarWeb alternatives that you should try.  SimilarWeb is an excellent business intelligence tool for discovering and analyzing knowledge. The top 10 SimilarWeb alternatives mentioned in this article are SEMrush, Ahrefs, Advertising Toolkit, Serpstat, SpyFu, Alexa,…


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similarweb alternatives

similarweb alternatives

Are you looking for alternatives to SimilarWeb? Well, look no further! In this article, we will discover the top 10 SimilarWeb alternatives that you should try. 

SimilarWeb is an excellent business intelligence tool for discovering and analyzing knowledge. The top 10 SimilarWeb alternatives mentioned in this article are SEMrush, Ahrefs, Advertising Toolkit, Serpstat, SpyFu, Alexa, Moz Local, BuiltWith, AWR, and SE Ranking. 

This article will provide a comprehensive overview of the top alternatives to SimilarWeb. Keep reading to discover the best alternative that suits your needs.

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Reasons to Switch to SimilarWeb’s Alternatives

While SimilarWeb provides valuable insights, it is not without flaws. Perhaps you are a small company looking to keep costs down than SimilarWeb Pro costing allows. And it’s possible that SimilarWeb isn’t the best intelligence means for your particular business.

Perhaps you want to know if there is a superior alternative to SimilarWeb that will put your money’s actual value to act for you and provide real value for the time and funds invested.

There are many competitors to SimilarWeb.

  • Its free plan only provides data for the last 3 months; if you require data before that, you must choose an alternate solution or their premium plan.
  • Their data is restricted to a certain quantity of rows.
  • It displays inaccurate and inconsistent information.
  • Most of the alternative solutions are either free or partly free, which can assist you in obtaining some other source of information and insights.
  • It takes too long for SimilarWeb to add new domains to their directory. Other SimilarWeb competitors may be more convenient.
  • They are not forthcoming with pricing information. In addition, it was discovered that their costs are pretty high after conducting research.
  • This tool does not provide enough features or good value for money.

Top SimilarWeb Alternatives That You Should Try

Go through the list below and find the best SimilarWeb alternatives as per your needs –


SEMrush is an excellent similarweb alternative to Similarweb for many reasons. First, they provide every function and functionality context that SimilarWeb does, except for a distinct method of specifying where your competitors’ traffic originates.


SEMrush will provide you with a precise analysis of this type of data. It exhibits it just right to make it understandable and implementable.

They provide valuable metrics. This way, you can monitor what you need to do to create your domain more impactful (ranking trying to track, shares, awareness, trendy, and so on) and produce content that has a more significant internet presence and blows up with positive effect for you, earning you highest grades among industry professionals.

Visit SEMrush


If you’re looking for a detailed backlinks intelligence platform, Ahrefs is one of the finest Similarweb alternatives. The backlinking evaluation toolset in the package allows you to screen and find recognized domain names (traffic origin) and decide which links are followed, thus significantly impacting your authoritative domain objectives.


Their batch analyzer allows you to enter numerous backlinks from your competitor’s website with a single click. That can save much time compared to entering fiery backlinks one at a time, particularly if you have to evaluate a lot of domains, analyze, and obtain feasible ideas.

Ahrefs enables you to discover which SEO and link-building techniques have the most significant impact on specific sites, viewers, goods, and facilities.

While Ahrefs has a period of adjustment and performs off-page SEO outside your spot, Analyze will eventually help you increase your web advertising objectives significantly.

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Advertising Toolkit

It can identify competitor trends in terms of how much paid traffic they get, how many keywords they bid on, and how much they can be discovered over time.

The Advertising Toolkit can be useful in:

  • Determining which keywords your contenders are making a bid on and whether their spending is growing over time.
  • Exploring which ad copies they’re utilizing to obtain the click and which have been spinning the longest to gain insight into which are transforming the best.
  • Discovering the landing pages to which they direct traffic to see how they transform the paid traffic.
  • Analyzing your competitors’ display creative types and discovering which YouTube channels and videos they are advertising on.
  • Conducting a PPC keyword gap assessment to uncover untapped paid traffic possibilities.


If you’re searching for SimilarWeb alternatives and competitors, SERPstat must be your first stop. It is a low-cost alternative that provides users with information about their competitors’ organic and paid traffic. Serpstat is billed as a fully-featured SEO tool with a wide range of features designed These features assist you with competitor analysis, investigations, and many other tasks.

se ranking

It was only initiated a few years ago and will still compete vigorously with trusted tools like SimilarWeb and SEMrush. It determines which of your competitors’ pages rank for the majority of keywords and details the critical subjects that your contenders employ to drive traffic.

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It is one of the most acceptable SimilarWeb alternatives because it can analyze more paid traffic. It is a fantastic platform for eavesdropping on your adversary’s techniques. SpyFu does not constrain your access to or use of any features, allowing you to conduct competitive analysis without limitation.


You can use them to find for domain and see where it popped up on Google and which keywords it currently ranks for. it also gives data on every keyword they bought on Google Adwords and how they distinguished the ad copy.

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If you’re searching for SimilarWeb alternatives and rivals, Alexa should be your first preference due to its outstanding features. This tool is perfect for assisting web administrators and internet marketers locate excellent examples of websites with favorable web standings.


This strategic analysis web application tool allows you to evaluate the traffic metrics of internet sites and view the keywords for which they position. You can use Alexa to get information about any official site, evaluate it, and look for chances to improve your SEO and website efficiency. It provides API, market analysis, SEO assessment, and backlink monitoring.

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Moz Local

Moz Local has existed for quite some time. It is among the most acceptable similarWeb alternatives available, particularly if you are involved in local browse initiatives. But Moz Pro is also a great Similarweb Pro alternative.

moz local


Right away, they provide a simple, straightforward, and easy-to-use framework and interface. You will enjoy their synchronizing tool functionality, allowing you to gain entry to your business information on one tool and then update it across all your accounts.

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BuiltWith is a complete tool that will extract a considerable amount of data from any website and serve it in a format you can compress and use. You may want to take your time because there is a large amount of data to assist you in making decisions; that is a positive idea.


It is quick and straightforward to use and emerges with a Chrome widget. Hence, all you have to do is connect it to get your fair portion of traffic, domain authority, advertising tags, content marketing, and leaderboard need to be sorted.

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AWR is an abbreviation for  Advanced Web Ranking Cloud. This cloud-based Cloud-SEO tool includes web rating tracking remedies for businesses and individuals. In aspects of rank functionalities, it is one of the most acceptable SimilarWeb alternatives.


They have over 15 years of expertise in the business. They have partnered with over 20,000 customers worldwide. Collaborating with them can be advantageous because they provide many unique benefits.

Visit AWR

SE Ranking

It’s one of the most acceptable SimilarWeb alternatives since it offers all of the SEO and productive analytical techniques to its customers. People enjoy using this system since it is simple to use, and BR competitors are considered one of the best competitors to similarweb.


SE Ranking assists in learning the most recent techniques from competing companies. So, whether you’re an organization, a company owner, a freelance writer, or an SEO expert, this is the ideal platform for learning about your competing companies’ traffic, keywords, and standings.

Visit SE Ranking


Is There a Free Version of SimilarWeb?

The available information on is just a tiny glimpse of what they offer. SimilarWeb Pro is a robust system that rapidly uncovers implementable insights to help you develop your traffic and maintain a competitive advantage.

Is SEMRush Free?

Semrush free accounts can use it for as much as they desire. You will not be questioned for your bank account information, and you’ll never be required to pay for using free resources.

How many Backlinks do I Need to Rank?

The number of backlinks required increases faster than the difficulties involved in ranking. For instance, if a keyword has trouble of 10, you will likely require around 10 backlinks to rank. However, if the problem is 50, you may also have 100 backlink profiles to rank.

What Makes a Bad Backlink?

Toxic backlinks frequently exhibit low quality or influence rankings, such as: Trying to come from sites created solely to link out. Arriving from non-topically relevant websites and content. Arriving from non-Google-indexed websites.


All of the SimilarWeb alternatives listed on the list are great. It all varies depending on your business’s necessities and, most notably, your budget. This tool will help your company gain power, innovation, and regulation over its online marketing efforts.