Best URL Shorteners To Shorten Long URLs – Top 10

Are you wondering how to shorten lengthy URLs without any hassle? Well, look no further! This article presents the top 10 URL shortener to help shorten long URLs into compact links.

Discover our article’s top 10 URL shortener to shorten long URLs effectively. They are Bitly, TinyURL, Rebrandly,, BL.INK, PrettyLinks, Shorby, T2M, Yourls, and Hyperlink. 

These tools provide a convenient way to shorten lengthy URLs into small links, making sharing and managing them easier. By the end of this article, you’ll have a comprehensive understanding of the top URL shorteners available, allowing you to make an informed decision.

Best URL Shorteners: Definition

A URL shortener is a simple internet application that converts lengthy URLs into shorter ones that lead to the same website. With capabilities like click analytics, UTM parameter support, and retargeting, some URL shorteners can also assist in tracking and manipulating those links.

url shortener

You can benefit from tracking and retargeting functionalities while using URL shorteners to make shorter, more appealing URLs.

Features That Make A Good URL Shortener

Numerous URL shorteners can produce and manage short URLs and monitor clickthrough rates. Below is a list of qualities that make a good URL shortener:

Click Tracking And Analytics.

If you share someone else’s blog post with your audience, you won’t know how many people click through and who those individuals are because that information is all stored in the other person’s Google Analytics account. However, if you use a URL shortener, you’ll have a unique short URL to track how many clicks the link receives, where they come from, and what devices people use.

The cost increases with the level of information and strength of these analytics, just like most marketing services. Free services often only allow for rudimentary click monitoring (with a time limit). Still, premium marketing alternatives will gather as much information as possible and even let you offer various URLs to users of different locations and devices.

URL Personalization

URL personalization

All of the top URL shorteners let you personalize your shortened URLs. As a result, you can employ different links in various advertising or social media posts to compare clickthrough rates or make your URLs more pertinent. While the more business-oriented providers allow you to utilize a custom domain, many basic or free plans for a short link generator just let you change the last portion of the URL.

Standalone App

Many other URL-shortening services are available, but we focused only on single, straightforward services in our study. Although powerful and free, self-hosted versions require too much technical expertise. Other programs that we should have thought of also have URL shorteners built in. For instance, most newsletter services offer tracking and URL shortening in some form of quality for the money. I was very interested in the pricing charts and what each short URL generator supplied at the various tiers. In some instances, free plans are superior to expensive ones for other apps, at least if you don’t need pervasive analytics.

10 Best URL Shorteners to Use

The list of best URL shorteners is as follows:


Bitly is a free URL shortener that is one of the best. With clients like Amazon and Disney, you may feel Bitly is only for large online business firms. Yet, ordinary bloggers can also accomplish a pack with this URL shortener. Then your problem with how to shorten a URL will be solved.

First, Bitly permits you to track links with a URL shortener by assembling little connections and brandable connections in minutes. Bitly interfaces look something like this: Or on the other hand, you can assemble trendy connections that look this way: On the free program, you can assemble 50 custom-fitted connections each month.


You can also follow more than 20 pieces of information on studying connect execution, redirecting short connections to new URLs, and send joins for versatile, SMS, and associate showcasing.

Bitly also has a solid free arrangement that is great for student bloggers. With the free arrangement, you open:

  • One thousand connection manifestations each month and limitless snaps.
  • Connection labeling and 30-day revealing.
  • Direct presenting on Twitter.

The free arrangement does exclude brandable connections or top-to-bottom examination. Nonetheless, Bitly is just $29 each month if you pay yearly. This arrangement allows you to connect lobbies for simple observing and add UTM boundaries to your connections. You additionally get two years of connection history as opposed to 30 days.

Paying $29 may appear to be steep. However, if Bitly builds your change rate for partner offers, the expense is effectively awesome, which is why it is rated as one of the best URL Shorteners.

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You need a free URL shortener if it’s elusive, a more solid choice than TinyURL.

tiny url
Tiny URL

Notwithstanding their obsolete site, TinyURL has all you require for fundamental connection shortening. With TinyURL, you can:

  • First, make free short URLs that don’t lapse.
  • Second, divert connections to any page on your site.
  • Finally, utilize the TinyURL augmentation to make short connections as you peruse.

Tragically, TinyURL doesn’t have detailed usefulness like Bitly but still falls under the best URL Shorteners category. In any case, you needn’t bother with a record, and for a free arrangement, TinyURL is somewhat strong.

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Rebrandly is a free URL shortener, another approach to brand, track, and effectively share short URLs to direct people to your blog. It is the best URL shortener; Rebrandly feels like Bitly, albeit Rebrandly has a superior free arrangement if you’re publishing content to a blog on a careful spending plan.


With the free Rebrandly plan, you can:

  • Track 5,000 ticks each month.
  • Make 500 marked connections.
  • Utilize something like five marked space names.
  • Add UTM boundaries.
  • View interface measurements and authentic execution.
  • Make 301 diverts and alter existing connections.

This is a great measure of free usefulness. Also, Rebrandly’s snap and brandable connection limits shouldn’t be an issue, except if you run a nicely measured blog.

Rebrandly additionally has paid plans, with starter and expert plans costing $29 and $69 monthly. Unfortunately, these plans enormously increment click limits and brandable URLs and reveal profundity. Be that as it may, you should utilize free arrangement restrictions before redesigning, and that’s the reason why it is one of the best URL shorteners.

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If you’re a devotee of Hootsuite, utilizing, Hootesuite’s free URL shortener, will be characteristic progress. used to be available to general society. Nonetheless, nowadays, you need a Hootsuite record to get to it. Fortunately, you can make a URL shortener-free Hootsuite record to appreciate This choice to move up to a paid Hootsuite plan is there if you need complete web-based media on the board stage. allows you to abbreviate connections and track execution like most URL shorteners. Also, since is important for Hootsuite, you can undoubtedly follow shortline execution and online media execution in your dashboard.

Be that as it may, for existing Hootsuite clients, is most likely the best URL shortener accessible.

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If you’re searching for a reasonable venture-level free URL shortener, Flicker is worth considering. Of course, little pastime bloggers can skirt this one, and however, on the off chance that you run various sites or work with a group, Squint is most likely your most ideal choice.

Notwithstanding being “for big business,” Squint has a strong master plan for just $12 monthly. This can track links with a URL shortener arrangement incorporating 10,000 dynamic connections, 7,500 followed clicks each month, limitless spaces, and three client logins. Squint additionally allows you to make marked connections, label connections, and jump into your examination to screen execution.

As a free blogger, Flicker is equivalent to Bitly or Rebrandly for paid arrangements. In any case, in case you’re bringing in cash by independently contributing to a blog by doing Website optimization for customers or altering a few online journals, the limitless area is the principal selling point.

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OK. PrettyLinks doesn’t have a lucid-barred URL. However, if you get offshoot promoted higher, you need this WordPress module. Pretty Connections is a WordPress coordinated effort module that can make member labels to show your partner’s offers are authentic or noteworthy.


Pretty Connections is a free URL shortener, and the best URL shorteners permit fundamental snaps for joins in the free arrangement. Pretty Connections A significant component is that abbreviated URLs are marked and don’t look short. I can see it well. So you can make a URL like the typical easy route\/hitpublish. A decent connection is: hit\/convertkit.

This is reasonable because you need to furnish clients with connections to words, such as webcasts and YouTube recordings. Connections don’t look short and are completely shown. If you’re publishing content to a blog on a spending plan, you can utilize the URL shortener free form of Bitly, and Pretty Connects to deal with most of your URL investment funds needs. Use Bitly to limit URLs and great connections when you need void connections.

There are no awful combos! You can likewise move up to the first Beautiful Connections program at the expense of $99 every year. This will show different kinds of connection diverts, reports, and labels. If you depend on subsidiary advertising to bring in cash from your blog, Pretty Connections merits looking.

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If online media advertising is a significant piece of your publishing content to a blog system, it’s another method to decrease the URL you should consider.

With this, you make helpful short connections to the substance you share as different alternate route URLs. As you share content, tracks snap and construct a group of individuals who share your substance.


Shorby’s free URL shortener, also the best URL shortener, permits you to make singular pages to save your promoting endeavors. For instance, you can make devoted greeting pages, email assortments and direct people to different subjects on your blog.

You can have joins that add pixel following to the individuals who click so you can reposition them with promotions later.

Here is an illustration of how you can utilize this as a blogger:

  • Can present a substance about how to develop your blog.
  • You make a crowd of individuals who snap and offer this substance.
  • Get to run paid Facebook promotions for those crowds utilizing information.
  • This is only one model, yet you can perceive why it offers something other than the essential URL decrease.

Plans start at $9 monthly with 3,000 ticks, 3-page URLs, and three pages. As you rate, the following arrangement expands your cutoff points by just $ 15. On the off chance that it produces deals, it is not difficult to demonstrate this expense.

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If you search for a reasonable option compared to Bitly, T2M is a free URL shortener and the best URL shortener amongst other URL alternate ways you can attempt.


Without a doubt, T2M doesn’t re-embed the wheel. Instead, you can make marked connections, set sidetracks, share joins via online media, and sign in to your examination to discover what works.

Nonetheless, when T2M sparkles, it is in its first stage. Whenever you have paid the $ 5 enactment expense, you get the accompanying medical advantages:

  • Limitless short URLs.
  • Five thousand ticks/divert each month.
  • One year of follow-up per click.
  • Simple public sharing.
  • Essential dashboard detailing.

Progressed charts to follow reference sites, gadget type, click area and different measurements.

The drawback to the $ 5 arrangement is that you can’t make deal URLs. The accompanying project opens striking URLs, enormous snap volume, and improved announcing highlights. The arrangement is $ 9.99 monthly, contrasted with $ 29 for Bitly or Rebrandly.

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Your URL is a free URL shortener which is easy for free URL alternate ways reasonable for specialized bloggers who like to store content. Dissimilar to the free TinyURL, you need to introduce Yourls.


You must download the Yourls document and transfer it to your blog’s worker. If you’ve done it previously, it’s a cake. If not, Yourls has a wiki for how to shorten a URL without any preparation. Presently you may think: Why use Yourls over a free alternative like TinyURL? Indeed, Yourls is agreeable however offers an incredible following.

Effectively see area move sources and social details of your complete snap traffic on Yourls dashboard. Not awful for a free URL alternate way! Try not to get to Yourls if you’re experiencing difficulty refreshing your WordPress module. If you need a far-reaching URL alternate way free of charge, it merits introducing Yourls.

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Utilizing hyperlinks as far as URL easy routes permit you to over-be aware of connections with only a couple of clicks. Hyperlinks are free URL shorteners at the top, which seem a basic and simple approach to making short connections and offering substance via web-based media.


Notwithstanding, hyperlinks give amazing casual usefulness in detail when clicked. Hyperlinks permit you to set up constant notices with the goal that you can peruse when somebody taps on your connection and where you came from. You can likewise empower hourly, day-by-day, and week-by-week reports for crises with a low following.

This can be considered very, and for many people, it is. What might be said about the sort of blogger who sells instructive bundles and talks with online journals and outside organizations to produce income? These arrangements can be worth many dollars, so you need to follow them after making the substance.

The hyperLink has a URL shortener free program, yet you need to interface your image on the off chance it’s $ 39 monthly. If you’re selling extravagance ticket items or courses and need to monitor your snaps, HyperLink is your ideal decision.

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What Advantages Does Using A URL Shortener Provide?

Although you could believe that shortening your URL is unnecessary, it is crucial. Because they allow you to showcase your brand and trim links to fit in places where you have a restricted number of characters to use, URL shorteners are helpful because they can make a link more visually appealing. Think of Twitter, for instance. Even if 280 characters are now permitted, only a few spaces are available when you have more to say.

A URL shortener can also make users feel more at ease when clicking. Links can occasionally be spam, but link shorteners will make your users aware of your brand.


How short is shortened URL?

The maximum length of a shortened URLs is 22 characters, with the root having a maximum of 6 characters.

What are the benefits of a Short URL

It allows people to recall and share your link with others easily, it can also dramatically improve traffic to your content.

What is a Custom URL Shortener?

A custom URL shortener, sometimes referred to as a branded URL shortener, lets you brand your links.


Using diminished URLs could support promoting, showcasing, and correspondence exercises. However, even though you could have long URLs, these monstrous URLs may harm your discussion and blog rates! Similarly, start by picking a short URL. When you, at that point, convey a combustible email or supply a public apparatus post, you are associated with your image to advance trust and make you look professional. Here you go with all the details about the best URL shorteners.

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