Entertainment Marketing: Best Marketing Strategies & Examples

entertainment marketing

Entertainment marketing is about promoting brands through Entertainment. It differs from regular ads as it entertains people while sharing brand messages. Many big brands now use it to connect better with their audience. When done right, entertainment marketing can help brands stand out.

Some popular entertainment marketing methods include partnering with movies, sponsoring music concerts, working with celebrities and influencers, and more. Coca-Cola partnered with the popular show “Stranger Things,” while Nike sponsors many significant sports events. Red Bull organizes extreme sports to promote their brand entertainingly as their strategy of sports entertainment marketing.

The main difference between entertainment marketing and advertising is that advertising directly sells products to people. In contrast, entertainment marketing focuses more on entertaining the audience before sharing any brand message. It aims to connect with people on a deeper level through shared emotions and experiences rather than directly pitching the product. This approach, particularly prevalent in the igaming industry, has proven highly effective in modern times. Check out this website, which provides a wide range of games, extending entertainment beyond sports and ensuring excitement even after the game clock has elapsed.

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What is Entertainment Marketing? 7Ps of Entertainment

Entertainment marketing is when brands work with entertainment companies like movies, TV shows, music, and events to promote themselves. It’s different from regular ads.

It uses fun content to connect with people better than boring ads. Brands try to be part of the entertainment industry, so people enjoy seeing them, too. media and entertainment marketing secretsThis helps people remember the brand more.

There are seven essential parts of entertainment marketing called the 7Ps:

  • Product – The brand needs to think about how its product can be part of the entertainment industry. It’s like putting clothes in a music video.
  • Place – Where will people see the marketing?movie Movies, games, concerts, or online are familiar places.
  • Price – Brands must decide how much money they can pay to be in different types of Entertainment. how do marketing agencies make money Movie placements cost more than Instagram posts.
  • Promotion – Brands promote that they are part of the entertainment industry through social media, websites, and more ads. promotionThis gets more people to notice them.
  • People – Famous people like actors can promote brands if they use or like the product. People trust celebrities.
  • Process – There is a lot of planning, like deciding on partnerships and content and measuring if it worked. Planning Unique Events Good planning is essential.
  • Physical evidence – People must be able to see the brand as part of the entertainment industry through product placement or sponsorship logos and names. This proves the partnership.

Understanding the 7Ps framework is crucial for career success in entertainment marketing jobs. A parallel exploration of the 4Ps in Netflix’s marketing mix unravels innovative strategies, offering valuable insights for aspiring professionals navigating this captivating industry.

Benefits of Entertainment Marketing

There are many good things about entertainment marketing for brands. It helps connect with customers more deeply. When people watch movies, TV, or sports, they feel emotions. Entertainment marketing uses those feelings to build a relationship between the brand and the customer.

Customers remember brands better when they see them in Entertainment, like movies or music videos. They are more likely to buy those brands later. Entertainment marketing also reaches specific groups of people well. Brands can choose movies, games, or influencers that interest the customers they want to sell to.tv ad

It takes work for brands to stand out from so many others. This lets them be different through fun partnerships. People want to share entertaining content, so these marketing efforts spread widely on social media. That brings more people to see the brand.

Some popular ways brands use entertainment marketing are product placement in movies or TV with the help of entertainment marketing agencies. They partner with celebrities or events like music festivals, too. Customers trust famous people and feel part of exciting experiences. Both of those associations make customers view the brand positively.

So, This connects with people’s emotions. It introduces the brand to large and specific audiences in a way traditional advertising cannot. These benefits help brands be seen as more exciting and trustworthy to current and potential customers.

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Most Effective Entertainment Marketing Strategies With Examples 

Several effective strategies brands use to promote themselves through Entertainment. Some of the most popular ones are:

Product Placement

Product placement involves subtly putting a brand’s product in movies, TV shows, or videos. skincare products This helps create awareness about the brand. Ray-Ban saw a significant increase in sales of their aviator glasses after Tom Cruise wore them in the movie Top Gun.


When two brands team up to promote each other with the help of entertainment marketing agencies. cooperationFor example, BMW and Louis Vuitton collaborated to attract customers interested in luxury lifestyles. Both brands gained exposure to new audiences through this partnership.

Endorsements and Seeding

She was getting celebrities, influencers, or characters to endorse a brand. Doja Cat was named as the new ambassador for JBL speakers.jbl She promoted the brand through her social media with hundreds of millions of followers. This helped JBL connect with younger audiences.


Let other companies use your brand’s intellectual property in their products or media. Disney licenses its popular characters like Mickey Mouse for various products and media.license This allows Disney to expand its brand reach.

Brand Integration

It strategically places the brand’s name or products within the story world of movies, TV shows, or games. brand integration Red Bull sponsors many extreme sports events and films that showcase daring stunts. This positions Red Bull as a thrill-seeking brand. So, this is how sports and entertainment marketing go hand in hand. 

So, this helps promote brands creatively to large audiences in an engaging way. Also, the examples show how strategies associate a brand with popular culture or personalities for increased awareness and sales. Measuring the success of such campaigns allows companies to optimize future entertainment tie-ups.


How does the entertainment industry use marketing?

The entertainment industry promotes its movies, shows, music, games, etc., through various strategies like trailers, celebrity interviews, and tie-ups with brands, festivals, and events. This creates buzz and helps audiences get excited about new releases.

What is the objective of entertainment marketing?

The goal is to reach a large target audience for entertainment products and services in an engaging way. Strategies aim to increase awareness, boost sales, and build long-term fan loyalty through emotional connections.

What are the effects of entertainment marketing on consumers?

It can influence consumers' purchase decisions and positively impact their perceptions of associated brands. Successful campaigns are shared widely, increasing the fanbase. They also help transfer brand attributes to the entertainment product or vice versa for increased likability.

What is the market size of Entertainment?

The global entertainment and media industry is vast, with estimated revenues of over $2 trillion in 2022. Popular sectors include filmed Entertainment, music, video games, streaming, gambling, and more. With growing digitalization, the market continues expanding into new areas.


In conclusion, entertainment marketing is an excellent way for brands to connect with their audience creatively. When done correctly, it can help boost brand awareness and sales. So, Top brands are now using various entertainment marketing strategies to promote themselves. In the future, more brands will likely adopt innovative entertainment marketing tactics to stand out. Financial services marketing strategies can also benefit from this trend as they embrace creative approaches to engage their audience. As the entertainment marketing landscape continues evolving, financial brands will have opportunities to integrate captivating narratives and experiences, effectively connecting with their target audience.

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