5 Of The Best Sports Marketing Examples

The sports industry generates the most significant opportunities for earning bucks every year. Moreover, 2024 saw a whirlwind of sporting events – from the Rugby World Cup to the FIFA Women’s World Cup. Consequently, brands turn to sports marketing to make from the competitive fever. Notably, it sells sports and related products to fans by…


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sports marketing examples

sports marketing examples

The sports industry generates the most significant opportunities for earning bucks every year. Moreover, 2024 saw a whirlwind of sporting events – from the Rugby World Cup to the FIFA Women’s World Cup. Consequently, brands turn to sports marketing to make from the competitive fever. Notably, it sells sports and related products to fans by businesses that sponsor athletes or teams. Nike’s ad campaigns, for instance, are the most common sports marketing examples. 

In 2024, there will also be its fair share of sporting attractions, starting with the Paris Summer Olympics. As brands work diligently to secure the best sports marketing strategies, let us delve into 5 of the best sport marketing examples. Foremost is P&G’s ‘Thank You, Mom’ that celebrated the mothers of sportspersons for their unacknowledged sacrifices. Subsequently, Nike’s ‘Dream Crazier’ followed, calling for equity in sports. Other notable examples include Under Armour, the English Sports Council, and 1xBet.

Whether you are a brand in the sports & apparel category or not, you can leverage the intensity of sports fans by relying on sports marketing. Consequently, read on to learn from the most significant cases in the past decade!

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Top 5 Best Sports Marketing Examples

Sports Marketing takes numerous forms. It is highly versatile, from athlete endorsements and sponsorships to in-stadium advertising and branding. Additionally, these strategies are crucial in engaging a diverse audience and creating a lasting impact.

Below are the five best examples of sport marketing. Alongside each example is an in-depth analysis of what made them stand out.

P&G ‘Thank You, Mom’ (2016)

In the run-up to the 2010 Winter Olympics in Vancouver, P&G united its 34 brands to pay a heartfelt tribute to the mothers of Olympic sports persons. This heartwarming campaign skillfully honoured the emotional trails of a mother on her child’s sporting journey – from childhood playground to international arenas. 

pandg thankyou mom

The most significant campaign in P&G’s 175 years invited viewers to celebrate their mothers with the tagline ‘P&G, Proud Sponsor of Moms. Owing to its success, it was brought back in successive Olympic tournaments. Notably, the latest iteration for the Seoul Winter Olympics 2018 was aptly dubbed ‘Love over Bias.’

1xBet ‘Be The Champion’

Betting in sports on the match’s outcome dates back to Ancient Rome. With the advent of technology, it has been made accessible through sports betting apps. Notably, one such brand with successful marketing is 1xBet, and its ‘Be The Champion’ campaign has garnered attention in the industry. For those intrigued, visiting their site allows exploration of the latest football betting markets, providing an opportunity to join the excitement firsthand.

be the champion

With its ‘Be The Champion’ campaign, 1xBet strategically called on people to tactfully and play smart in placing their bets. Notably, sportspersons with celebrity status, such as Cricketers Pollard and Yuvraj Singh, were roped in for engaging digital ads. Furthermore, being the global partner for FC Barcelona and the regional partner for PSG, 1xBet adeptly leveraged the names of the clubs and the players in its mobile advertisements and in-app calls to action, enhancing the overall appeal of their campaign.

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Nike ‘Dream Crazier’ (2019)

Another best pick from the plethora of sports marketing examples is the 2019 series of ads by Nike. With tennis player Selena Williams as the face of the campaign, the Dream Crazier campaign not only featured a sports icon but also called on women to “just do it”. This powerful campaign drew inspiration from the brand’s iconic tagline and championed social justice in response to the pervasive gender stereotypes faced by female athletes.

nike dream crazier

In addition to Serena Williams, gymnast Simone Biles, fencer Ibtihaj, and the American Women’s Football team were among other prominent faces in this impactful campaign by Nike. It is noteworthy that Nike’s sportswear sales increased tremendously following the success of this campaign, highlighting the significant positive impact it had on the brand’s market presence and resonance with the audience.

Under Armour ‘Rule Yourself’ (2015) 

Next on the list of sports marketing example is ‘Rule Yourself’ by Under Armour. This sports apparel brand skillfully detailed the lives of athletes such as Michael Phelps and Stephen Curry beyond the camera, offering a unique and intimate perspective. Emotionally gripping, this campaign was optimized for billboard screens and effectively utilized social media platforms.

under armour rule yourself

By highlighting the trajectory of the players’ journey, ‘Rule Yourself’ conveyed a powerful message that the strength of character is just as important as physical might. This impactful approach resonated with audiences, inspiring ordinary people to be resolute in their undertakings and reinforcing the brand’s commitment to celebrating the human spirit in sports.

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English Sports Council ‘This Girl Can’ (2015)

‘This Girl Can’ is a 2015 campaign by the English Sports Council that won hearts across the globe. In this sports marketing examples, the brand decided to reduce the alarmingly low physical activity among women in the UK. According to studies, women refrained from sporting and athletic activities as they felt self-conscious about their looks and skills. 

this girl can

The English Sports Council challenged the idealized image of a female sportsperson through this campaign. The organization shared videos of women with diverse physicalities owning their attempts at an active lifestyle. With #thisgirlcan, women were empowered to share their stories on social media in response to the campaign. 

What should you Keep in Mind for Sports Marketing Campaigns?

Sports Marketing Campaign is definitely about the sport. However, do equally focus on the other passions of the fans and how that can be leveraged to promote your brand. Below are five key aspects that you should pay attention to: – 

Connect your Audience by Storytelling 

Nothing captures the interest of the audience more than a good story. Storytelling captivates the human mind and has its complete attention—especially stories of success against all odds – which are aplenty in sports. 


The more your narrative explores the human tales behind the sportsperson, the more effective your storytelling is in connecting with your audience. 

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Find a Cause to Support

Association with a social cause works wonders for sports brands. By championing a movement, sports brands can effectively leverage the intense passions of sports content consumers. Furthermore, sports fans don’t exist in a bubble – from gender equality to climate change, they are most likely to feel strongly about issues in the world. 

social cause

As a sports marketer, you must find the cause you will support. Identify what causes your fandom to identify with the most. If it aligns with your brand’s identity, you have nailed down your cause to support! 

Use the Platform where your Fans are Most Active

Sports fans follow updates on dedicated sports apps and social media platforms like Instagram and Facebook. Boost your engagement through polls, Q&As, shout-outs, and other engaging content on these platforms. Connect with users through comments and keep the chat going. 

social media platforms

Create trendy challenges, furnish limited edition giveaways to the winners, and watch the engagement soar through the roof. For effective sports marketing examples, harness the power of these platforms to connect with your audience.

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Focus on Mobile Marketing

Mobile marketing is a cost-effective yet expansive strategy to connect with sports fans across the globe. Brands can create content that is optimized for the mobile screen and is visually appealing. 

mobile marketing

Also, consider in-app advertising. This includes advertising the campaign on your mobile app and partnerships with other sports and athleisure-related apps. 

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Take Advantage of VR and AR

Virtual and Augmented Reality technology is the buzz among e-gamers and physical sports enthusiasts. Additionally, leveraging VR and AR will offer your consumers new and immersive experiences. Not to mention, it is unforgettable, too! 

vr and ar

The options are fascinating, from custom AR filters that users can use to click selfies to virtual merchandise and fantasy sports. Your VR and AR services can be promoted through advertisements on other platforms for greater reach and publicity. 


What is Sports Marketing

Sports marketing is selling of sports and related products and services to fans by businesses sponsoring athletes or teams.

What is an example of Sports Marketing?

‘Thank you, Mom’ by P&G, ‘Dream Crazier’ by Nike, and ‘This Girl Can’ by English Sports Council are Sports Marketing examples by big brands.

What was the first example of sports marketing?

Sports marketing goes back to the 1870s when tobacco companies started featuring cards with baseball players as cigarette packet inserts.

What are the 5 principles of sports marketing?

The 5 P’s of sports marketing are market segmentation, relationship marketing, branding and positioning, external contingencies, and market plan.


The appeal of sports marketing is growing by the day, and rightly so! Not only does it offer a wide avenue of opportunities, but it also contributes to higher revenue generation. Consequently, sports marketing, if done right, can help a brand cement its identity in the competitive market. Moreover, if your marketing strategy for 2024 revolves around sports and related products, consider treating 5 sports marketing examples as the standard.

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