What Does the Performance Planner Automatically do? 


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This post will discuss “What does the performance planner automatically do?”. Digital advertisers can optimize their campaigns and budget allocation using the performance planner tool.

Performance planner analyzes past data and offers insights into how previous ad campaigns have performed. It automatically forecasts the future success of your current efforts. The Performance Planner automatically performs operations like proposing budget modifications, tracking performance, etc.

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What does the Performance Planner automatically do? Overview

You might be wondering, what can a performance planner assist me with? Your marketing budget can be planned using the Performance Planner tool. You can examine how campaign alterations affect important metrics and general effectiveness.

This practical tool predicts how campaigns will affect clicks and conversions. The projections rely on 24-hour changes in bidding data and trillions of queries. It also determines the appropriate marketing budget to acquire incremental modifications.

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Using the Performance Planner feature, Google has often seen advertisers get up to 43% more conversions. You may determine the anticipated monthly and quarterly success rates for your campaign with this tool. Additionally, you can receive suggestions to improve campaign performance for a similar amount of money spent. Let’s look at “what does a performance planner automatically do” now that we understand it.

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How Does the Performance Planner Work?

The Performance Planner analyzes data and predicts how performance will change due to changing campaign parameters using machine learning methods. Let’s look closer to understanding “What does the performance planner automatically do?”

Estimating Performance Prediction

The Performance Planner estimates future performance using past information from your campaigns. The prediction includes clicks, conversions, impressions, and other metrics projections.

goal setting

You should consider these predictions seriously and incorporate them into your marketing. They will aid in your goal-setting and decision-making regarding your advertising budget.

Propose Budget Modifications

To assist you in enhancing the results of your campaigns, the Performance Planner could suggest adjusting your advertising budget. For instance, the tool can advise boosting your daily budget if it anticipates raising your budget will significantly increase conversions. Conversely, if the tool determines that your current budget is adequate, it can suggest sticking with it.

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Improve the Campaign Parameters

The Performance Planner can suggest modifications to your campaign’s aim, ad innovation, and bid parameters. These suggestions have been made based on the anticipated effect of these adjustments on campaign performance.


For instance, the tool can advise raising bids on particular keywords likely to result in conversions or modifying targeting options to target a more appropriate population.

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Track Performance

The Performance Planner maintains to track your performance and deliver updates after you’ve modified your advertising efforts by its suggestions.

track performance

Identify Possibilities

Finally, the Performance Planner can assist you in finding fresh chances to raise the effectiveness of your campaign. For instance, the tool can try various ad styles to determine which ones perform best for the viewers or advise new keywords to target.

So, now you know, “What does the performance planner automatically do?”

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Why use a Performance Planner?

For any digital advertiser, receiving a prediction of the results of a PPC campaign is crucial since it replicates appropriate ad auctions utilizing search terms based on campaign variables, as we have previously stated.

why use performance planner

Additionally, it will assist the advertiser in revising or changing the business’s strategies. There will thus be a better possibility for advancement. However, thanks to marketers, forecasting can often take time and effort. Thanks to the Google Ads Performance Planner, you can now understand the forecasting and prediction process.

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What does a Performance Planner do?

The Performance Planner, which is usually modified daily, replicates appropriate ad auctions utilizing a variety of search queries. Incorporating elements like seasonality, rival activity, landing sites, etc., encourages relevant ad bidding during the previous 7–10 days. It estimates conversions based on the conversion categories provided in the “Conversions” part of your Google Ads performance reports.

After conducting simulations and gathering data, Google’s AI is used to fine-tune your forecasts as you execute campaigns against their actual performance to determine how accurate your Performance Planner projections are. You also know, “What does the performance planner automatically do?”

The Advantages of Performance Planner

Utilizing a performance planner has several significant advantages, such as:


  • Enhanced Efficiency: Performance Planner automates most manual advertising processes, giving advertisers more time to work on other projects and other aspects of their businesses.
  • Better Performance: The performance planner offers information on the historical performance of advertising campaigns and uses this data to suggest ways to optimize campaigns for the best outcomes. With the maximum potential return on investment realized, it is now possible to ensure that advertising initiatives work successfully and efficiently.
  • Better Budget Distribution: By automating the distribution of budgets, a performance planner helps to maximize advertising spending and get the maximum return on investment. It shows that money is being spent as efficiently as possible, maximizing the impact of advertising campaigns.
  • Easily Reachable by All Advertisers: A wide range of organizations can utilize the performance planner because it is simple to use and available to advertisers of all levels of competence.

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How to Begin Using Performance Planner?

A performance planner is simple to use, and there are a few essential actions you can do to get going right away.

how to use preformance planner

These actions comprise:

  • Create a performance planner account: The initial step is to create an account that is easy and quick to do online.
  • Join your accounts for advertising: After signing up, you must link your advertising accounts to the performance planner to access the information from your campaigns.
  • Establish your campaign: The following phase is establishing your campaign by deciding on your target market, spending limit, and keyword list.
  • Start utilizing a performance planner to optimize your campaigns: Once you’ve set up your campaign, you can use a performance planner to ensure the optimum results. It entails modifying keyword bids and automating budget distribution so you may concentrate on other aspects of your organization.

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How can a Performance Planner boost ROI?

By examining historical data and offering knowledge about how previous ads have succeeded, a performance planner helps boost ROI.

Can all forms of digital advertising use Performance Planners?

Performance planners apply to various digital advertising formats, such as search, shopping ads, and display. It is to work with numerous ad systems, including Google Ads, so many different kinds of advertisers can utilize it.

Does using a Performance Planner need a high level of technical knowledge?

Even those with little technological expertise can use Performance Planner since it offers simple, easy-to-understand suggestions and automates many of the tedious procedures involved in advertising.

What is the Performance Planner tool's primary goal?

You can look at campaign projections, investigate results, and comprehend opportunities, all of which help you predict, decide on your budget, and boost your ROI.


We hope this article on “What does the performance planner automatically do?” is helpful. Performance Planner is one of the many effective programs that prevent you from manually estimating budgets. It has a lot of advantages. For example, this tool can view the projected monthly and quarterly campaign performance.

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