5 Creative Social Media Campaign Examples

Creative social media campaigns are the rocket fuel for our marketing efforts and a focused burst of energy that propels our brand forward. Nearly 3.5 billion people use social media every day. Here in this article, we will go through five inspiring examples of social media campaigns and ideas regarding them. A creative social media…


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creative social media campaign

creative social media campaign

Creative social media campaigns are the rocket fuel for our marketing efforts and a focused burst of energy that propels our brand forward. Nearly 3.5 billion people use social media every day. Here in this article, we will go through five inspiring examples of social media campaigns and ideas regarding them.social media campanign

A creative social media campaign is a planned marketing initiative that uses social media platforms to boost customer awareness, interest in, and loyalty towards a company, brand, product, service, etc., using social media channels. It will have specific outcomes that can track and measure over some time. A more prominent social media content marketing strategy includes social media campaigns as a subset.

5 Examples of Great Social Media Campaigns

The following five social media marketing examples and their concepts will be discussed.

Apple: iPhone Shot

The campaign employs a variety of tactics, including online and offline advertising and creating original content shot on its smartphone lineup. apple shot

This campaign is successful because of the iPhone, which has the best camera quality. In this case, Apple created the hashtag #shotoniphone to advertise the Instagram social media promotion.

Why did it work?

The way Apple has used user-generated content on Instagram is the most impressive aspect of the campaign. UGC is a low-cost way for businesses to promote their brand on social media, but there are other reasons for the success of this campaign.

Spotify Wrapped Campaign

Spotify has taken pride in assisting users in discovering new music and artists who speak to them. This creative social media campaign by Spotify brought customer data to life. spotify

Spotify celebrates its users and music in general through various channels. Social media advisers could view more of their preferred musicians, songwriters, podcasts, and other content by scrolling through a vibrant slide. 

Why did it work?

In this campaign, Spotify combined two major psychological triggers: personalization and FOMO. To begin, the app provided a personalized story for each user, showing how your music taste evolved over the years and which songs accompanied you in your life. Second, by enabling and encouraging social media sharing, Spotify increased the campaign’s reach.

Dove’s Project #ShowUs

To create a more inclusive vision of beauty for all media and advertisers, the company collaborated with the Girl Gaze community and Getty Images to create over 10,000 images for the project.dove

This creative social media campaign was entirely women-driven, emphasized diversity, and avoided digital photo editing. Dove, like Apple, recognized the value of user-generated content because of Dove’s values. The campaign could endure in a world of novelty and trends.

Why did it work?

For generations, the media and advertising have painted a picture of what beauty is. On the other hand, 70% of women feel underrepresented in media and ads. Dove spoke directly to its target audience’s emotions, engaging them in discussions about the brand’s value and encouraging them to be proud of who they are—strategic delivery aided in reaching women all over the world.

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Pwc: Ballot Briefcase

PwC, the accounting firm, has always played a low-key role in the Academy Awards. They weren’t as quiet about it in 2016 when they launched the #BallotBriefcase creative social media campaign. The campaign used Snapchat stories to follow a briefcase ahead of the Academy Awards. pwc

The objective was to connect with a younger audience. Snapchat is the ideal platform for PwC’s campaign to reach millennials who watch the Oscars, and it was successful. 

Why did it work?

There were 406 mentions on Instagram and 1,062 words on Twitter in the first three weeks of the campaign, for 12.3 million impressions on Instagram and 1,062 comments on Twitter, respectively.

Getty Museum’s #GettyMuseum Challenge

In March 2020, the Getty Museum launched the #GettyMuseumChallenge on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. Participants are challenged to recreate their favorite artwork using only three household items. getty museum

The result was a fun series of imaginative recreations. The museum received many submissions, but it also managed to interact with its fans and inform them about the featured works of art.

Why did it work?

It was the pandemic’s beginning, and people were bored and looking for a creative outlet. Getty’s Challenge allowed them to show off their sense of humor while providing a positive distraction.

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5 Key Takeaways for creating social media campaigns

Here are five essential lessons to help you create successful social media campaigns.

  • Encourage user-generated content to involve your target community and spark an online movement.
  •  Create a unique brand voice for each social media campaign you run to connect with your target audience.
  • Break down industry stereotypes by running campaigns on platforms not commonly used in your industry.
  • Create entertaining videos that are inspiring or funny to go viral.
  • Participate in a charitable cause in your neighborhood or sector to draw clients. 

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What are the five elements of a social media campaign?

The five most essential elements of social media campaigns are purpose, platforms, messaging, visuals, hashtags & interactive components.

What are social media marketing tools?

Social media marketing tools can help you improve your strategy, increase engagement, and grow your brand. It would help to establish an online presence is to be seen and heard on social media. When used in tandem, social marketing tools enable you to share new content with the right audience at the right time.

What is the easiest and best way to rule social media?

Powerful social media management tools are the best way to manage social media. You can build your brand’s online presence using our social media marketing tools. Furthermore, our suite of social media tools is reasonably priced, allowing you to cut costs and invest your hard-earned profits elsewhere.

How do social media platforms encourage social change?

There are many effective ways to use social media for having social change, such as creating blogs for a cause, endorsing causes on social media, hosting an event to raise money for charities or a particular reason, or using your mobile device to take and post pictures and videos to your social media accounts.

What are the three keys to a successful campaign?

Understand your ideal client. Before embarking on any marketing campaign, you must identify your ideal client or the type of person you anticipate your customer to be. Discuss the advantages, and this is where most marketers go wrong. In all of your marketing, including a call to action.


Learn about the various types of social campaigns and study examples from well-known brands to refuel your creative energy. It’s the first step toward creating and delivering your own targeted campaigns. 

Social media marketing campaigns can aid brand promotion, audience engagement, and sales growth. This collection of the best social media campaign examples demonstrates that there are many paths to social media success. Going viral is sometimes based on timing and other times on pure luck.

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