What is Marketing Myopia? | Complete Guide

Most businesses want to expand and succeed, yet they frequently need to see that success takes time. It requires perseverance, commitment, and a distinct vision for what you want your firm to develop into. Every business wants better brand awareness and visibility. And some marketing strategies may boost the company’s growth. 

Marketing myopia is one of the significant risks that can keep a company from accomplishing its objectives. This occurs when a business prioritizes sales over marketing or customers’ requirements.

marketing myopia

This article will cover the definition of marketing myopia, its causes, prevention strategies, and several firms that have fallen victim to it, with an end to how this term plays in the Future. Continue reading to know more about Marketing Myopia.

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What do you know about Marketing Myopia?

A corporation with “marketing myopia” is only concerned with short-term effects and the immediate demands of its target market.


this is a narrow-minded, inward-looking strategy that prioritizes the company’s demands over those of the client. It frequently results in choices made by firms that are not in the best interests of their clients or that ignore market developments.

A typical example of marketing myopia is a company that focuses on creating high-quality items for clients who only care about pricing and ignore quality.

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What Happens When Marketing Myopia Sets in?

Marketing myopia sets in when short-term marketing goals are prioritized above long-term aims. Examples include:

  • More emphasis is on selling than on fostering connections with clients.
  • Forecasting growth without carrying enough adequate study
  • Mass manufacturing without regard to demand
  • Giving weight to only one marketing characteristic without concentrating on what the consumer genuinely wants.
  • Refusing to adapt to the changing consumer climate.

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What Causes Marketing Myopia?

These reasons cause marketing myopia:

A rift between the company and its clients

Lack of knowledge of what clients want is the main culprit. This might occur when companies concentrate too much on their goods and services and need more on what customers genuinely want.

company and client

Lack of funding for research can also contribute to this. When companies assume they already know everything there is to know about their consumers and the market, this can happen.

A Reluctance to Adapt

Failure to adapt to changes in the market is another frequent factor. This can occur when companies get too used to their present goods and services and stop adjusting to emerging trends or innovations.

An emphasis on the past rather than the Future

Many companies develop myopia due to their excessive attention to the past. Even though it is evident that consumer demands have changed, they could be hesitant to alter their products or services.

How can marketing myopia be avoided?

Here are ways to avoid marketing myopia:

Encourage creativity in your team.

Something isn’t always done in the best manner just because it has always been done that way. Myopia in marketing is the result of such a way of thinking. Establishing an environment where your staff feels motivated to innovate if you want to overcome it is crucial.


How does this appear? It consists of both significant and little activities, such as:

  • Inviting fresh thoughts
  • Experimenting with different approaches
  • Allowing for risk-taking and failure
  • Engaging varied viewpoints

You may prevent this by maintaining an open mind and being adaptable.

Spend money on market intelligence.

Keeping up with others in your business is one way to stay on top of your game.

Monitoring and collecting information on your rivals via moral and legal ways is known as competitive intelligence. Watching social media, setting up Google alerts for particular businesses, and downloading offers to examine content strategy are a few examples of achieving this.


Websites like Crayon, SEMrush, and Kompyte are excellent resources for turning this information into insights that may help your business grow.

Improve your marketing approach.

You risk developing marketing myopia when your method becomes overly comfortable.

Even if your marketing plan is successful, you should focus on optimization. After all, businesses like Blockbuster saw great success—until it ended.


The past does not determine the Future, and it can, however, aid in informing it.

Review your facts, take the time to gain understanding, and then brainstorm strategies to enhance your performance keeping this in mind.

Let’s get to know marketing myopia through examples.

Here are several businesses that are battling or have battled marketing myopia.

  • When sales of digital cameras skyrocketed despite Kodak’s lack of preparation, Sony cameras gained a significant market share.
  • Android and iOS are eroding Nokia’s market dominance.
  • Hollywood was only interested in making movies, so it didn’t even try to enter the television business.
  • After losing to Google, Yahoo!, which had a value of $100 billion in 2000, was acquired by Verizon for about $5 billion (2016).

Marketing Myopia Implications in Future

  • Dry cleaners – New types of fabric and chemicals
  •  This will cause less demand for dry cleaners.
  • As society moves toward a digital lifestyle, grocery businesses will disappear.
  • Facebook: Due to the new GDPR and data privacy legislation, Facebook will either need to adjust its business model or risk losing market share to rival social media platforms prioritizing data protection.


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Which idea is most likely to result in myopia in marketing?

What is the central issue a seller with marketing myopia encounters?

The leading issue sellers with it deal with is their need to comprehend their clients fully.

Is modern-day marketing myopia still relevant?

Although it was written in 1960, the essay is still highly relevant in today's environment. However, it should have emphasized marketing aspects like customer service or social media platforms, which are now essential for corporate success.

How can businesses prevent myopia in their marketing?

Create a Plan and Vision that is Realistic. To prevent from it, this is essential. No matter how great your business is, you must have a distinct vision for the Future. Please make an effort to foresee any future problems and possibilities and to come up with imaginative, fruitful solutions to address them.

What should vendors take into account if they want to prevent marketing myopia?

Instead of focusing only on the precise things they offer, sellers should consider the unique advantages and experiences their consumers would want to have.


Beware of the consequences of marketing myopia, which can harm your company in impossible ways. If you take too long to notice the abnormality, the downturn might rock the very roots of your company. Furthermore, more than just seeing it within your business requirement, you must take the necessary measures to check it. When you recognize your clients’ demands, try to meet them, and understand them, your company organization will recover from this. To do this, regularly engage customers in conversation and undertake customer development surveys.

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