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What Makes An Online Interface Difficult to Use?

June 24, 2023 in Editor Picks

In the digital age, online interfaces have become the primary means for users to interact with websites, applications, and various digital platforms. However, not all interfaces are created equal, and some can be challenging and frustrating for users. This article will delve into the factors contributing to a difficult online interface, hindering user experience and potentially driving users away.

The many factors that can make online interfaces difficult are the need for knowledge or familiarity with interface design, complex design, unattractive Navigation bars, and Incomprehensible labels. Working with the interface and mobile app icons may also impact interface usage. Lack of experience, proper control by new users, and cost also contribute to the factors.

online interface
online interface

Let’s learn how to build the best online interfaces by considering these important factors listed in this guide.

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What Makes an Online Interface Difficult to Use?

Some of the crucial factors that make an online interface difficult to use are-

Lack of knowledge and familiarity-

It is not sure that every person who uses an online interface gadget must have enough knowledge, experience, and familiarity with that gadget. The things used in an online interface should be kept simple, understandable, and easy to use at the same time so that even the new user faces minimum or no difficulty in using the online interface.

lack of knowledge
lack of knowledge

Exploring and searching every button, option, and segment of an online interface would be beneficial for the user to know more about their experience and familiarity with or in using the online interface.

Complex design-

It can be difficult for a user to understand the design of an online interface. The design of an online interface should be kept uncomplicated, manageable, and user-friendly at the same time.

complex design
complex design

The objective of an online interface designer should be to bring an outstanding, ethical, comfortable, and superior experience to its users rather than leaving them in a dilemma because of the design of the online interface.

Unattractive Navigation site or bar

The navigation site of the online interfaces should be kept much understandable and easy to use for the users. A puzzling, imprecise, and exact navigation site or bar may lead to a user’s discomfort, frustration, and disappointment.

web navigation
web navigation

Navigation site or bar might hardly be noticed by the users, but it plays a crucial and significant role in leaving an impression on the users of the online interface.

Incomprehensible labels

The Labels that you insert in an online interface should always be precise, understandable, easy to read, concise and clear.


The labels should include these features so that the user does not feel uncomfortable understanding what they want to do and how it will take place.

Working of the interface

The users of an online interface who are familiar and experienced with how these interfaces work and have knowledge about the online interfaces hold a specific psychological archetype of how these various online interfaces work.

working of the interface
working of the interface

If the workings of the online interface do not go with their psychological archetype about the online interface, they might feel frustrated or discomfort while using that particular interface.

Icons of the mobile applications

professionals, always suggest holding up symbols or icons of mobile applications with text underneath. It would be more convenient and easy to understand for the users.


The users might experience confusion when the applications are without any text. The texts underneath the symbol would allow the user to recognize the application and its use easily. If the icon does not support any texts underneath it, then the icons should hold the action on its display.

Lack of experience-

Users familiar and experienced with the online interfaces might not face the problem of how to use the interface. But the new users who are not familiar with the online interfaces might experience discomfort while they use an interface for the first time.

lack of experience
lack of experience

In this case, a set of instructions can pop up at the interface screen so that the user does not feel uncomfortable and knows what to do next.

Control of the online interface

Not all users might get comfortable with the constraints you might put in the online interface. Every user has their preferences.

interface controls
interface controls

Every user wants to work according to their preferences, choices, and comfort. The interface should respect the user’s sense of freedom and do not restrict the users with their controls.


Many various online interfaces are paid up. To access their premium features, the user has to pay. Thus, this paid-up factor of the online interfaces might not live up to the expectations and wishes of its users.


This cost factor might be one of the most prominent factors that make an online interface to use.

Usage of technical jargon

Technical jargon refers to words and expressions mainly concerned with a particular field of specialization.

technical jargon
technical jargon

The developers who are specialists in this field might use technical words or expressions that are hard for the common, inexperienced, non-familiar users and also the users who are not specialists in a particular field to understand such technical words.

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So, what makes an online interface difficult to use? If online interfaces contain such technical words, the users might get uncomfortable, disappointed, and agitated. The developers should always avoid using such technical terms or expressions which might confuse their users. 


What are online interface design tools?

Online interface design tools are types of software that web designers and their team members use to draft a user interface for a web or software application.

How to create a great user interface?

In order to create a great interface, UI designers need to rely on information from the user experience angle, such as identifying which problems need to be solved and how the user flow will play out.

What can help an interface user understand or navigate an online interface?

Make sure the user can answer the following questions, just by looking at the interface. Where am I? What can I do here? How did I get here? Where can I go from here?



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