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14 Fun Corporate Team-Building Activities And Outing Ideas!

August 16, 2022 in Editor Picks

Team building occasions are a particular B2B occasion showcasing where your essential crowd is your own one-of-a-kind associates. The objective of the corporate team-building activities type is, for the most part, to encourage better correspondence and coordinated effort among colleagues. It’s additionally an extraordinary time to address and resolve clashes in the present while likewise forestalling them later on.

Best Corporate Team Building Activities & Outing Ideas

The organizations take many activities to engage their employees with the work and the organization, which also helps in team building. Some of the corporate team-building activities are as follows:

Showcase Your Talent

Who doesn’t like to boast about their talent? Certainly not me! 

You can arrange something like an open mic for your colleagues or organize a freelance writing competition and tell them to do whatever they want to do! Seriously, this is the best way to create employee engagement and build relationships by knowing each other better. The best thing about this event is that everyone can engage in this type of activity.

show your talent
Show Your Talent

For example, if you have organized a craft event and I, your employee, hate craft, then I will not like your decision to organize such an event. But with this type of event, that complaint vanishes because you have to do what you want to do, which is amazing. So plan this event, and you will identify the stand-up comedian or the singer of your company. 

Scavenger Hunt

A Scavenger hunt is a simple game, usually played outdoors, where players are divided across teams and are provided clues. These clues essentially allow the team to look for an object at a particular spot. Generally, the clues are provided in puzzles, or all the accumulated objects from the hunt help solve a puzzle.

lay scavenger hunt
Play Scavenger Hunt

A scavenger hunt with an interesting theme can help the participants have a lot of fun while also allowing them to know each other better. For example, a charity fundraising theme is fun and allows the participants to do their bit for society.

Quiz Up 

Knowledge is power when it comes to the corporate world. This event is very famous when it comes to fun activities in corporate team-building activities. The quizzes can be fun by including different rounds like the buzzer rounds, elimination rounds, and visual rounds.

start quizzing
Start Quizzing

You can also add some spice to this activity by including various fun categories in the quiz. The advantage of this activity is the colleagues will know each other better.  

Heads Up

This is the most fun game regarding relation or team-building activities in the corporate world. Finally, you must guess the person’s name on the player. This is the funniest and the lightest activity, strengthening the colleagues’ relationships and building team spirit in the company. 

Prom Night

This culture is more prominent on the Western side; it’s not so common in India. The prom nights are the best way to build relations between the employees and to know each other well. As for the prom, you need a partner, and who better than to ask out your favorite colleague?

prom night
Prom Night

This event is a new and uncommon way to bring fun to your company. A prom night includes a combination of music and dances, the two most enjoyable things in life, so it’s always fun to include prom nights in your team-building activities. Also, it’s always better when you and your partner work in the same company!!

Fun Friday

Fun Friday is usually taken in the organization to make employees stress-free from their work. This activity will be the most common in organizations. The employer used to arrange certain games or sessions in which they share thoughts among themselves.

have fun on fridays
Have Fun On Fridays

This activity helps employees to engage with the team and make them more comfortable with the team. The more comfortable, the stronger team will be. Due to all the stress they handle throughout the week, they will be stress-free and can engage with the team effectively through this activity.

Talent Hunt

Every person has a talent. Finding that talent out is the most creative way to know each other and bring unity. Therefore, each team member should be asked to enhance his/her talent. Based on his performance, he/she should be rewarded. Using this activity, every team member will get the opportunity to showcase his/her talent by which he or can know other team members and help him or them get motivated towards his or her work.

A talent hunt can also be a source of entertainment for the team. You can record their talents and make a slideshow for the memory. It builds team members’ spirit and helps them showcase their talent in front of everyone. This is a great corporate team-building activity.

Team Outings

Team outing is the best way to encourage corporate team-building activities. This can be in numerous forms. First, it can be a team lunch where everyone can share their opinions, thoughts, ideology, etc. Through this activity, people tend to engage more in the team because it allows everyone to mingle in everyone’s thoughts. The second way of team outing can be to resort to any adventure place and have fun there.

team outings are necessary
Team Outings Are Necessary

Team Outing activities should be there in each organization to boost employees’ confidence and energy level. Finally, team outings also give a thrill in each other’s lives, and everyone wants to experience this, and because of this reason, they will engage with the organization and team.

Rewards And Recognitions

I think this is the most important activity an organization can have. Rewarding and recognizing the work can help to boost the confidence level to a great extent. This may create conflict among the team members, but the rewards and recognitions given to the whole team can build relations among the team members. This also encourages the confidence level of each team member, and their work will be effective.

reward team members
Reward Team Members

To achieve these, team members work collectively and work more effectively and efficiently by opting for and sharing each and everyone’s thoughts and opinions. This sharing of thoughts and opinions helps build a stronger team and helps everyone accomplish the goals provided. Effective corporate team-building activities.

Try Something New

Workshops don’t need to include ordinary themes. Rather, seek increasingly one-of-a-kind alternatives for instructive group holding, similar to the sort of occasions Happy Dancing Turtle likes to toss. Even though they are centered around maintainability (and plan a ton of their occasions around this subject), they likewise branch out and do exercises related to reeking classes and beekeeping. In doing so, they carry new and new viewpoints to old issues. Thus, regardless of what you decide to show them, group building occasions revolve around instructive workshops that assist representatives with growing new aptitudes while fortifying their connections.

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Cooking Class Followed By A Cooking Competition

A cooking class is a nice way to help employees take a stab at something they don’t regularly do or maybe new for them. It helps improve their learning capability while conducting a competition right after class is a good way to apply a new skill.

conduct cooking classes
Conduct Cooking Classes

In addition, the competition can be conducted in teams to improve coordination between members. A baking class followed by a cake-making competition is an application for this idea.

Switch Roles For A Day

Empathy is a key quality that any corporate employee should have. An interesting way to imbibe this quality for corporate team-building activities is by conducting a cross-departmental activity where employees work in a different department for one full day. This helps both teams better understand exactly how their counterpart’s role works and the key challenges they face, thus helping improve their cross-departmental coordination. In addition, conducting an experience-sharing session after this activity will improve the effectiveness of this exercise while also helping the non-participants understand the learnings.

Two Truths And A Lie

 No corporate activities or corporate onboarding activities list is complete without this activity. This game or icebreaker is a fun activity to be part of any introductions while starting a new project, onboarding new employees, or forming a new team right after. A new team may have issues communicating with each other at the start of a project, and doing something fun and simple, which creates interaction across the team, can help break the ice. The rules are simple; while introducing themselves, an employee says three things that describe him/her. Of course, one of these things will be a lie, and the group has to guess which one’s the lie. This is a good activity to carry out in the current remote working conditions as well. It could easily be conducted over a conference call.

The Deserted Island Scenario

The deserted island scenario is a simple game in which teams are told to play out a scenario where they are stuck on a deserted island. A list of objects (around 7-10) shall be provided to the team, and they are supposed to choose a few objects from these choices and explain how each of these objects will help them better survive the scenario.

try deserted island activity
Try Deserted Island Activity

It is a strategic game that sparks discussions among the teammates. A remote version of the game can be conducted over conference calls with a common conference call for the final presentation of the solution in the current remote working solution.


What are the 5 Team Building Activities?

Some events are designed to foster relationship building, while other activities are made to develop a specific skill in a fun way. Consider the five main types of team-building — meeting kickoff, communication, problem-solving, creative thinking, and employee bonding.

What are the 4 Main Types of Team Building?

There are four main types of team-building activities, which include Communication activities, Problem-solving and decision-making activities, Adaptability and planning activities, and Trust-building activities.

What are the 6 Elements of Team Building?

The six elements are role clarity, trust, job satisfaction, commitment to the organization, motivation, and empowerment.

How do you Build a Strong Team Culture?

To build a strong team culture, you need to decide what you want that culture to be, define your expectations for your team, and set an example by living up to your company's values in everything you do. Then, you'll be able to work with your team to continue to grow and cultivate your company's culture moving forward.


Corporate Team Building activities are very important in each and every organization. Through team-building organization’s goals and objectives will be accomplished. Every organization should keep its employees happy because they are its key asset. We hope we have given you good suggestions on corporate team-building activities to maintain a healthy workplace in your organization.

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