How to Generate Free Traffic for Affiliate Marketing?

free traffic sources for affiliate marketing

One of the most well-liked and successful Internet business ideas is affiliate marketing, which enables people to generate passive income by advertising the goods or services of others. While choosing the correct affiliate network and reasonable offers are essential first steps, the most crucial stage for success is driving accessible traffic sources for affiliate marketing. However, many ambitious affiliates struggle to get traffic without going broke. Hence, some free traffic sources for affiliate marketing might help. 

A mix of strategic planning, content production, optimization, and interaction is needed to generate free traffic for affiliate marketing. Several free traffic sources for affiliate marketing include SEO, YouTube, Blogging, Reddit, email Marketing, Tik Tok, Meta, and Quora. Now, the methods for generating free sources include understanding and optimization, creating high-quality content, Using social media platforms, and so on.

So, let us learn and know-how and from where free affiliate marketing sources can be generated. 

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What is Affiliate Marketing?

Affiliate marketing is a commission-based marketing arrangement where online distributors pay commissions on every sale made through your referrals. 

affiliate marketing
Affiliate Marketing

People who are good at producing high-quality content can attract visitors to their sites & platforms. These visitors feel inclined to go through the material used by you in your content. You can convert all the clicks on the links to those advertised products into prospective sales. And these sales will generate online revenue for you.

An abundance of free traffic sources for affiliate marketing is available online. Affiliate Marketing through social media platforms such as Meta (Facebook), Tik Tok, & Instagram is making it easy for people to earn extra money.

How to Get Traffic for Affiliate Marketing for Free?

Understanding the basics of affiliate marketing & sources of free traffic is a must if you want to try your hands at this form of digital marketing. To do that, we need to be aware of why we may need free traffic sources for affiliate marketing & what is it in the first place?

What is a free traffic source? And do we need it?

Traffic sources are those extrinsic places or websites which bring more & more visitors to your content. And a free source does not cost you to divert or bring traffic to your content. As the business of these external websites gets popular, many of these sites & platforms start charging their customers & influencers to transfer traffic.

The good thing about these free traffic sources is that they are available on the most popular platforms. A few examples of these platforms will entail e-Commerce Websites, Social Media Platforms, Question and Answer Fora, your Niche Forum Groups & many more.

free traffic source
Free Traffic Source

You have heard about most of these free traffic sources for affiliate marketing. Almost none of them need any entry fee or charge you  anything for signing up and subscribing to their services. It is the biggest reason they can attract a broad base of internet users to their platforms.

The second biggest reason is that they offer a versatile range of services. The most common services these platforms offer include the option of sharing photos, videos, audio clips, and instant messaging. All these options cater to the user needs to remain connected to the world and their user base through the shared content.

Support for an affiliate program is the third reason for the popularity of websites among several online retailers. You may have seen direct links to the product pages under a video on YouTube or a post on Instagram or Meta. 

A good option is to convert high-quality and well-liked content into an online revenue source. It will help if you can manage to generate such content frequently.

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Free Traffic Sources for Affiliate Marketing

You can convert anything you do online today into an option for affiliate marketing. The presence of a sheer volume of platforms that offer free traffic sources ensures that you can convert your niche into monetary success. 

get more traffic
Get more Traffic

A few of the most common free traffic sources for affiliate marketing are:

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

If you have been handling a website or producing content on the internet for some time, you know about SEOs. And you must be aware of the powers yielded by search engine optimization while promoting your brand. 

You will need to rank high among the search engine result pages (SERPs) to bring a significant number of visitors to your website. Only then your website transfers comparable traffic to the advertising retailer.


Youtube rewards excellent content, not only through its monetization policy but also through the affiliated links posted on a video. And small channels that are yet not eligible to display ads can still benefit as affiliate marketers.

People with a talent for making visually appealing videos find YouTube a lucrative source of extra money. And many YouTubers have successfully turned their Youtube channels into their primary source of income.


Advertising options like Pay Per Click (PPC) and Link and Banner advertisement are the most preferred options for affiliate marketing through blogging. Online publishing platforms like Medium or Substack offer a huge base of readers.

Your written words can earn you a commission on advertising products through the links provided or the banners placed on the blog. Updating blogs will also help you with SEOs & SERPs.


Not everyone uses Reddit, but the ones who use Reddit are the dedicated visitors to this site. And many users utilize the site to receive suggestions from other users. This feature makes Reddit a popular opportunity for affiliate marketers to promote their products.

The trick to generating free traffic sources for affiliate marketing is to post excellent comments under the queries posted there. Genuine comments will help readers differentiate your affiliate link from the spam links & comments.

Email Marketing

Just as writing a blog offers an opportunity to promote brands & their products. Emails & newsletters provide an opportunity for affiliate marketing to promote brands & their products. And since search engines exempt emails from the algorithm of SEOs & SERPs, you can decide how you want to drive traffic to your content & the affiliate links.

The emails & newsletters subscribers will form an email list of prospective clients. After that, it will depend on your brand power, superior-quality content, and the ability to turn them into customers. Creating email content does not cost as much compared to other options. Hence anyone can start Email marketing without needing much.

Tik Tok

Tik Tok is quickly climbing the list of platforms that provide free traffic sources distributed equally among all age groups. This fact will mean that you can change your niche depending on your audience. It will also widen the base of affiliate products to promote.

Photos & videos offer exciting options to capture the imagination through storytelling. The short video format of Tik Tok ensures that you will not need to shoot a lengthy video or advertisement to qualify for affiliate marketing. You can ask the viewer to check out the affiliate link in the comments.

Meta (Facebook)

Going by the monthly active users, Meta (Facebook) ranks at the top position among other popular social media platforms. The support of users makes Meta (Facebook) the first choice for any content creator to generate traffic.

Promoting products often can mark you or your brand as spam. The Meta (Facebook) can ban you, but it remains a preferred choice of many internet users. They can form dedicated pages & groups to avoid advertising only among their family & friends circle.

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Quora is famous among the Question and Answer Community which is highly beneficial for people who are experts in their field. Such individuals can expand their audience base as soon as they sign up on the website. 

You can write quality answers promoting your brand & products to the numerous queries that get posted there daily. You can also post links in your bio for the link to be visible to everyone who visits your profile.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

We understand someone may be stumbling upon this topic for the first time & may have additional queries. Here we answer a few of the most common questions on free traffic sources for affiliate marketing that tend to recur:

What are free traffic sources?

Traffic sources refer to those original websites or platforms which started to divert or bring visitors to your content. And a free traffic source does not require any payment or has a primary paywall to transfer the traffic.

How do I start my affiliate marketing?

There are a few steps to follow as you start your affiliate marketing:

Decide on a platform that supports your content & the product you are marketing.

Join affiliate programs based on your content. These programs give you products similar to your content.

Give links to buy those products on your content to your visitors.

Come up with ways to convert those clicks on the link into buyers.

Which company is best for affiliate marketing?

There are a few companies considered best for affiliate marketing. These companies are Amazon Associates, eBay Partner Network, Fiverr, ClickDealer, Thinkific, and Shopify.

What are the free traffic sources for affiliate marketing?

The most popular sources of free traffic for affiliate marketing are - Reddit, YouTube, Meta (Facebook), Twitter, Instagram, SEO, Tik Tok, Niche Forum and Groups, Email Marketing, and blogging.

How do affiliate marketers get traffic?

The 3 most common ways by which affiliate marketers get traffic are:

Generate High-Quality Content- best content garner more & frequent visitors to their websites. These visitors will increase your chances of getting more clicks on the affiliate links.

Banner Advertisements - placed on a website are one of the prime sources of income. These banners are usually on the sides, top, & bottom corners of the page.

Social Media Marketing - presents more opportunities to create brand awareness among your followers.


Affiliate marketing is quickly becoming a rewarding career option for people. With the advent of the availability of free traffic sources for affiliate marketing, it is one of the feasible options for making some extra money. However, it needs work & an eye for choosing the right products & their market. If you market the products on the right platform, it can bring quality to your content & drive traffic in equal measures.

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