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Top 12 Most Accurate Website Traffic Calculator

June 15, 2021 in Tools

As the world moves towards an age of digitalization, new tools and technique guiding applications are designed every day to make this transition both profitable and swiftly guided. Website traffic estimator is one such tool-based application that helps the owner of the site understand the pool of audience, marketing and further establishing revenue-based objectives with the help of these applications.

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Top Website Traffic Estimators

Hereafter we shall be discussing few such website traffic estimator tools.

website traffic estimators
Website Traffic Estimators

These estimators have more accurate and user-friendly databases.

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Quantcast is an audience intelligent (AI ) driven tool with a comparatively limited data set and higher accuracy. They use machine-driven web analysis to provide better data to the user or client. Its AI program Q is one of the largest audience behavior platforms (as claimed by their site) that helps them have a more detailed insight measurement of Profile, Content, Audience, and Campaign reports.


Besides demographic and public engaging reports, Quantcast offers a complete toolkit for marketing and consulting on pricing or advertisements of products for free of cost. Further assistance on marketing and strategies is encouraged to be directly done by the user for better customized and detailed analysis.

Many big brands are now on Board with Quantcast, including NBC, Toyota, McDonald’s, Microsoft, Citibank, and Whole Foods.

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Alexa (Website Traffic Estimator)

Alexa is a marketing stack by amazon and is the most commonly pop-up name in traffic calculator applications.
Although being a popular name, Alexa has very strict free access services to offer. So instead, it charges approximately $79 per month for a subscription. In addition, it uses tools other than global ranking, country ranking, and graphical demographic analyses, which it offers for free.


With time, Alexa has reduced its free services and has become a selected choice by only an elitist section. However, smaller or new website owners tend to use more free resources than paid ones initially. Hence, Alexa is one of the latest and popular marketing software stack from Amazon.

It also offers Marketing Stack for 14 days free trial of the Advanced plan, which costs about $149 per month for one user, and a 30 day free trial for the advanced Agency plan, which costs around $299 per month. In addition, Alexa is trusted by brands such as Wildfang, Umbra, Tillys, Apartment Therapy, and Houzz.

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Ahrefs is undoubtedly the best-paid traffic calculator tool with plans starting from $7 a month. It offers a detailed analysis for traffic demography with keyword-driven traffic information for your and other competitors. Therefore, enabling better planning when it comes to keyword selections.

It also offers a web audit of the site to understand resources, external links, content quality, etc., for a detailed understanding of SEO-related data of the site.


Keyword Research, Backlink Research, Content Research, Rank Tracking, and Web Monitoring are some tools provided by Ahref. Ahrefs’ have many big clients such as Facebook, Adobe, Linkedin, Netflix, etc. Ahrefs offers a trial pack at $7 for a 7 day. After that, monthly billing starts from $99 for the Lite plan and goes to $179 for their most popular ‘Standard Plan,’ the advanced plan for $399, and $999 for their Agency Plan.

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Similar Web

The similar web is the best free alternative to Ahrefs and is the most commonly used traffic estimation tool. A similar web offers insight and reports on websites, apps, and platforms. It offers a global, country, and category rank list and gives a detailed view of demographic audience engagements, hourly usage, monthly stats, per visit paper views, etc.

similar web
Similar Web

SimilarWeb is breakdown into three sections: Industry Analysis, Website Analysis, and App Analysis.
The Industry Analysis tool estimates the traffic across industries. The users can: see visitor metrics by industry, see traffic volume by industry, see pay-per-click keywords.

Some of the most famous clients using it are DHL, eBay, and even Google and Microsoft.

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SEMrush is a competitive site to Ahrefs and offers a specialized analysis of SEO content-based driven traffic. They also provide a detailed breakdown of organic, paid traffic of competitors and what keywords are directing the traffic for them.

These searches are limited to only 10 searches per day for free users. Plans starting from $ 100 per month, which can be further cut down with yearly packages.


We can sign up for free use of SEMrush’s toolkit, which will provide us access to most of the main features with limited use. Competitive Research offers a detailed picture of competitor’s traffic. It includes: organic traffic, paid traffic, desktop and mobile, keywords for organic and paid, and the capacity to change dates.

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Served considers itself as a ninja tool for SEO tools. Their unique feature includes Client Acquisition which uses site-auditor and Citation scanner. It helps to bring new clientele and also find new websites where the site could be listed if it is not already. Furthermore, with various widgets like images, security, etc., it also offers review badges for a website promotion on various social media platforms with more visually appealing alternatives inviting more users.


Statshow is not a very popular and limited-service offering free tools. It offers monthly and yearly visitor reviews, ad revenues, and different niches.


Also calculates keywords of commercial value for users but has a downside of very little accuracy compared to its other competitors.

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SitePrice, although a website value calculator it also offers traffic estimation and revenue greater stats. It also offers daily visitors, page reviews, ad revenues, etc., the data can be a bit away compared to another site. Not being a primary traffic calculator site SitePrice takes its data from similar web or Quantcast and averages them for its estimation.

site price
Site Price

Hence the value can differ from all the other sources. Therefore, data trust lies in the understanding and belief of the user and proves itself to be a genuine website traffic estimator.

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Serpstat, unlike SERped and SEMrush, offers a very different and analyzed niche of services, including infographic reports. Along with market ideation by finding relevant questions asked by a client as an answer to them attracts more clients due to keywords added in the answers.


It is one of the best competitor research tools, which is quite affordable. This acts as an alternative to tools like ahrefs, SEMrush as its pricing starts from $69 per month. Providing features like backlinks analysis, rank tracking, competitor analysis, site audit, etc. In addition, this tool acts as a blog traffic checker and provides a Domain analysis feature that gives all the details of any website or domain.

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Google Adwords Keyword Planner

Google Adwords Keyword Planner has long been used for researching keywords for SEO. Typically users who have an Adwords account to manage pay-per-click Google ads also have access to keyword search volume. Find keywords: It gets ideas of those keywords that can help you to reach those people who are interested in your products and services.

google planner
Google Planner

Get search volume and forecasts: it sees search volume and other historical metrics for your keywords and forecasts how they will manage in the future. None the less this is a great website traffic estimator.

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Traffic Estimate

Traffic Estimate is a simple website based on a search. This site is entirely free to use, and it doesn’t require users to sign up.

traffic estimate
Traffic Estimate

After searching your selected domain, the site returns a simple line graph that maps an estimate of the past 12 – 18 months of unique visits.

The data returned by Traffic Estimate to equivalent data from SEMrush and Ahrefs, but there is a little variance than we saw between premium tools. Nevertheless, we think Traffic Estimate is worth using to quickly double-check data from another source by taking easy access to traffic estimates, keywords, and other tools.

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SE Ranking Website Traffic Estimator

SE ranking is a great tool to check the traffic of several websites for free. The free trial version is easy to use and provides accurate results.

se ranking
SE Ranking

You will only need to visit the site and put out the URL, and the entire information will display easily.
It provides us with all sorts of features such as traffic cost, ranking keywords, and much more. This is one of the best tools to get all the information for free. You can also buy the premium version to access more features.

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All these website traffic estimators overlap in the services they offer. But some of them do offer a unique feature that can be both free and come with a price. Although paid tools offer more accurate and diverse analysis, free tools are more user-friendly for new and upcoming website creators. Other than mentioned tools, some well-known tools like compete were shut down several years back in 2016.

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