Top 14 Affiliate Programs to Try in 2024

Top 15 Affiliate Programs

In 2024, affiliate programs are an excellent way to earn money online. Whether you’re just dipping your toes into affiliate marketing or looking to expand your current efforts, these programs provide various ways to increase your income effortlessly.

This article cuts straight to the chase, presenting you with the top 15 affiliate programs that stand out for their reliability and profitability:

  1. Microsoft for Business
  2. Zoho
  3. Asana Partner Program
  5. Teamwork
  6. Semrush
  7. Similarweb
  8. Hootsuite
  9. Sendible
  10. Amazon Associates
  11. CJ (Commission Junction)
  12. ShareASale
  13. ClickBank
  14. Rakuten Advertising

Keep on reading as we discuss each of its features!

15 Best Affiliate Programs You Should Know

We have personally tried a few of the programs on our websites and channels; here are our top picks:

Microsoft for Business

Microsoft for Business offers a partner program ideal for those specializing in business solutions. The program is designed to support partners in expanding their services and integrating more deeply with Microsoft products.

Key Features:

  • Commission Rate: Specific rates are not disclosed publicly and are likely negotiated based on the partner’s level and type of engagement.
  • Cookie Duration: Microsoft has not specified this for their partner program; typically, such details are revealed once a partnership agreement is established.
  • Payment Options: Details on payment methods are typically provided during the partner registration and setup process.

The Microsoft for Business partner program is geared toward those who provide business solutions and want to integrate more closely with Microsoft’s suite of products.

Microsoft for Business

It offers potential for growth and deeper engagement with Microsoft technologies, benefiting businesses aiming to enhance their service offerings with Microsoft’s extensive product lineup.

Zoho’s Affiliate Program

Zoho’s Affiliate Program offers a straightforward way to earn money by promoting its products, ranging from CRM to finance tools. Key features include:

  • Commission Rate: Earn up to 15% on sales via referral links.
  • Cookie Duration: A 90-day cookie period ensures that sales attributed to your referrals maximize your earnings. This provides ample time for referred traffic to convert, enhancing potential earnings.


Zoho supports its affiliates with various promotional materials and real-time tracking tools, making it easier to optimize campaigns and increase conversions.

Asana Partner Program

The Asana Partner Program is designed for those who wish to integrate or extend their services with Asana’s project management tools. You can co-market to enhance their project management solutions. Here’s what it offers:

  • Integration Opportunities: Tailor your services or products to work seamlessly with Asana, enhancing user experience.
  • Co-Marketing: Gain visibility through joint marketing efforts with Asana, reaching a broader audience.
  • Customer Access: Connect with Asana’s extensive user base to grow your business.

Asana Partner Program-Affiliate Programs

The program focuses on enabling partners to offer tailored solutions that enhance Asana’s functionality, thereby creating mutual growth opportunities for both Asana and its partners. Affiliate Program offers a promising affiliate opportunity with its cloud-based work management platform that assists in project collaboration and work optimization. This might be your go-to if you want to promote a versatile tool used in varied administrative and business contexts.

  • Commission Rate: Earn up to 25% commission, with potential earnings of up to 100% on the first year’s sales from each referred customer.
  • Cookie Duration: 90 days.
  • Payment Options: Payouts are processed monthly with a minimum threshold of $25. Payment methods include PayPal, among others. Programs

The program is accessible globally and allows promotions through social media and link/banner advertising. supports its affiliates with ample promotional materials and a dedicated affiliate manager who formulates a strategy. Signing up is straightforward via their affiliate portal.

Teamwork Affiliate Program

Teamwork’s Affiliate Program is an excellent fit for those looking to promote a comprehensive project management tool. This program appeals to a broad audience, from solo freelancers to large agencies, and offers a progressive commission model.

  • Commission Rate: Earn between 10% and 40%, depending on the number of successful conversions—from 5 to 50 or more conversions.
  • Cookie Duration: 90 days, giving ample time for referred visitors to make a purchase and still credit the affiliate.
  • Payment Options: Payments are managed through PartnerStack, which provides a reliable and transparent tracking system for affiliates.

Teamwork-Affiliate Programs

This program is ideal for affiliates eager to promote a platform that enhances productivity and project delivery, providing all necessary support and promotional materials to help maximize conversion opportunities.

Semrush Affiliate Program

The Semrush Affiliate Program, or BeRush, allows you to earn money by promoting one of the top SEO tools. This program is popular among digital marketing professionals who wish to recommend a robust suite of marketing tools.

  • Commission Rate: Affiliates earn a flat 40% recurring commission for each subscription sale they generate, making it highly rewarding for consistent earnings.
  • Cookie Duration: The program provides a 10-year cookie duration, one of the longest in the affiliate marketing industry.
  • Payment Options: Affiliates can receive payments via PayPal or Wire Transfer, with a minimum payout threshold of $50.

Semrush Affiliate Program-

Semrush supports its affiliates with various promotional materials and detailed performance tracking tools, ensuring that affiliates can optimize their campaigns effectively and maximize their earnings potential.

Similarweb Affiliate Program

Similarweb offers an affiliate program that leverages its advanced web analytics tools. This program is designed to assist businesses in monitoring their competition and optimizing their website performance. This program is particularly appealing due to its high commission rate and the flexibility it offers affiliates earning through a CPA model.

  • Commission Rate: Similarweb offers a lucrative 50% commission on subscription fees for every new sale. This rate is among the highest in the industry, providing an affiliate with a significant earning opportunity.
  • Cookie Duration: The program includes a 90-day cookie duration, which allows potential customers ample time to purchase and ensures that affiliates have a better chance to earn commissions.
  • Payment Options: Commissions are processed monthly, and affiliates can receive payments via PayPal or Stripe. The minimum payout threshold is typically around $25, making it accessible for affiliates to receive their earnings without a high barrier.
  • Program Details: Affiliates benefit from one-time and recurring commissions, depending on the type of sale and customer subscription. This flexibility allows affiliates to tailor their strategies to maximize their short- and long-term earnings.

Similarweb Affiliate Program-

The Similarweb affiliate program stands out for its high commission rate and flexible payment options, making it an excellent choice for promoting a high-quality, analytical toolset.

Hootsuite Affiliate Program

Hootsuite is renowned for its comprehensive social media management tools that help businesses streamline their social media strategies. The affiliate program is designed to attract individuals or companies that can promote Hootsuite to a predominantly professional audience.

  • Commission Rate: Hootsuite offers a flat $100 commission for each new Hootsuite Pro subscriber who signs up through an affiliate link, which is straightforward and potentially very profitable.
  • Cookie Duration: The cookie duration for the Hootsuite affiliate program is 45 days, providing a reasonable timeframe for converting referrals into sales.
  • Payment Options: Affiliates are paid monthly via PayPal, ensuring convenient and reliable access to earned commissions.

Hootsuite Affiliate Program-

Hootsuite’s affiliate program is ideal for marketers with access to professionals and businesses that require robust social media management tools. The program’s generous commission structure and professional support make it a compelling choice.

Sendible Affiliate Program

Sendible specializes in providing a social media management platform that is particularly beneficial for agencies looking to manage multiple client accounts efficiently. The affiliate program reflects this focus by rewarding those who can effectively promote Sendible to a targeted professional audience.

  • Commission Rate: Affiliates earn a recurring 30% commission on the monthly subscriptions they refer, which creates a continuous income stream as long as the referred customer remains with Sendible.
  • Cookie Duration: The program offers a 90-day cookie lifespan, which is generous and helps ensure that affiliates are credited for their referrals.
  • Payment Options: Monthly payments are made with a minimum payout threshold of $100, providing consistent and predictable income for affiliates.

Sendible Affiliate Program-

Sendible’s affiliate program is an excellent option for those with connections to agencies and professionals in the social media market. The recurring commission structure, practical promotional tools, and support make it a beautiful program that sustains earnings.

Amazon Associates

Amazon’s Affiliate Program, known as Amazon Associates, is one of the largest and most diverse affiliate marketing programs available. It allows content creators and marketers to earn commissions by promoting millions of products. Here’s what you need to know:

  • Commission Rate: The program allows you to earn up to 10% in affiliate fees from qualifying purchases and programs. The rate varies by product category, enabling a broad scope for earning based on your audience’s purchases.
  • Cookie Duration: Amazon Associates provides a standard 24-hour cookie duration. If a purchase is made within this period after clicking your affiliate link, you will earn a commission.
  • Payment Options: Payments are made through direct deposit, Gift Certificate, or check. Associates must reach a payment threshold of $10 for direct deposit and gift certificates or $100 for checks.

Amazon Associates-

The program is accessible to publishers and content creators with qualifying websites or mobile apps. Affiliates use Amazon’s linking tools to direct their audience to products, maximizing their earnings potential through competitive conversion rates.

CJ (Commission Junction)

CJ, formerly known as Commission Junction, is a leading affiliate marketing network designed to facilitate effective partnerships between advertisers and publishers. Here’s the breakdown:

  • Commission Rate: CJ offers a diverse range of commission rates because it hosts a variety of advertisers. Rates are specific to each advertiser’s affiliate program.
  • Cookie Duration: Cookie durations vary by advertiser. CJ’s platform allows customization depending on the advertiser’s preferences and campaign goals.
  • Payment Options: CJ processes payments monthly and offers payment via check, direct deposit, or Payoneer. The minimum payout threshold is $50 for direct deposit and $100 for checks.

CJ (Commission Junction)-

CJ provides robust tracking and reporting tools that help affiliates optimize their campaigns and improve performance. The platform supports a global network, enabling publishers from various regions to participate and earn from international traffic.

ShareASale Affiliate Program

ShareASale offers a robust platform for affiliates and merchants to connect, facilitating easy management of partnerships and performance tracking. It simplifies the complexities of affiliate marketing by streamlining operations like click tracking and payment processing.


  • Commission Rate: Affiliates earn commissions based on terms set by merchants, which could be a percentage of sales or a fixed amount per action.
  • Cookie Duration: The specific cookie duration varies per merchant, offering flexibility in how long affiliates can earn commissions from a single visitor.
  • Payment Options: ShareASale provides multiple payment options, including direct deposit, check, and wire transfer. Affiliates can select the method that best suits their preferences.
  • Minimum Payout: There is typically a payment threshold that must be met before earnings are released.

ShareASale Affiliate Program-

ShareASale is a versatile affiliate marketing network that supports various promotional activities and provides essential tools for affiliates to succeed. By ensuring detailed profiles and using provided promotional materials, affiliates can enhance their chances of success within this network.

ClickBank Affiliate Program

ClickBank is a prominent global retailer and affiliate marketplace specializing in digital products. It offers various products and a straightforward platform for affiliates to promote items and manage earnings.

Quick Features:

  • Commission Rate: High commission rates, with many vendors offering between 50% and 75%, making it highly attractive for affiliates.
  • Cookie Duration: The platform operates with a 60-day cookie duration, giving affiliates a good timeframe to convert referrals into sales.
  • Payment Options: ClickBank pays affiliates through checks, direct deposits, or wire transfers, accommodating various payment preferences.
  • Minimum Payout: The minimum payout threshold is flexible, allowing affiliates to set their payout level starting from $10, depending on the chosen payment method.

ClickBank Affiliate Program-

ClickBank is an excellent choice for affiliates who want to promote digital products. It provides extensive marketing materials and support to maximize earnings potential. Its user-friendly interface and generous commission structure make it a top choice in the affiliate marketing sphere.

Rakuten Advertising

Rakuten Advertising offers a flexible affiliate program with access to various brands across different sectors. This network suits affiliates with various interests, whether they are bloggers, small businesses, or dedicated affiliate marketing sites.

Key Features:

  • Commission Rate: Varies widely as it depends on the specific brand and agreement within Rakuten’s network.
  • Cookie Duration: The advertiser sets the cookie duration, which can vary, giving flexibility in how affiliates can earn commissions over time.
  • Payment Options: Affiliates can receive direct deposit, PayPal, or check payments. The choice allows for accessibility worldwide.

Rakuten Advertising-

Joining Rakuten could be a beneficial move for affiliates looking to diversify their marketing strategies. With a diverse range of participating brands and flexible payment options, it provides a robust platform for generating revenue through affiliate marketing. The program supports affiliates with various tools and resources to maximize their marketing efforts and track performance effectively.

Bottom Line- Affiliate Programs

This was our selection of the top affiliate programs available in 2024, each offering unique benefits tailored to different types of marketers and content creators.

As you consider which programs might best suit your digital marketing strategies, we invite you to explore our blog for more insights. Stay informed and elevate your marketing knowledge with our ongoing content updates.


What is the highest-paying affiliate program?

One of the highest-paying affiliate programs is offered by luxury watch brands and high-end fashion retailers like Newchic, which offers commissions of up to 50% per sale. Due to the high price of the products sold, programs like these can provide significant earnings.

Can you make $10,000 a month with affiliate marketing?

Yes, it is possible to earn $10,000 a month with affiliate marketing. Success in this field depends on choosing the right programs, driving substantial traffic, and effective marketing strategies. Many affiliates achieve this income level by focusing on high-commission programs or those with high customer lifetime values .

How do I choose an affiliate program?

When choosing an affiliate program, consider factors such as the commission rate, cookie duration, product relevance to your audience, the brand's credibility, and the affiliate program's support. It's also beneficial to select programs with products you are passionate about or have a good market demand .

Who is the richest in affiliate marketing?

The richest individuals in affiliate marketing often have a combination of high-traffic websites, effective SEO practices, and a smart selection of affiliate programs. They succeed by building authority in their niche, attracting users, and better affiliate opportunities. The top earners in affiliate marketing can make millions annually.

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