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Are You Ready For Blogroll-ing?

September 5, 2022 in Editor Picks

Here is a know-it-all about blogroll and how to maximize your experience for all the bloggers and blog lovers out there!

What Is Blogroll?

 Anyone who might be wondering what it is is a list/links of other blogs on the recommendations on a blogger’s page by themselves. It is ‘what’s poppin’ for the blogger and what they feel is worth sharing with their audience.

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Define Blogroll

Defining blogroll, we can say that it can work in a few interesting ways! Don’t you know where to find more blogs that would satiate your interests?  If your blogger has taste, they’re bound to recommend taste! What if your blog isn’t doing too hot? Your recommendation is needed, and lets the blogosphere do the rest of the work for you. 

Utility Of Blogrolling

The blogosphere works on commonly understood rules of etiquette. Although there are no written, legally binding laws in the blogging world, these etiquettes fall into place as frameworks. If a blogger recommends someone else’s blog, it is, more often than not, reciprocated.

add a blogroll
Add A Blogroll

Consequently, it is a beacon attracting your audience to your blog. However, though not abiding, it is a part of the etiquette system to ask for permission to have other blogs. And as a reward, blogosphere etiquettes allow you to ask other blogs to go through your content and then decide for themselves if you are good enough to be on their blog.

You never know who may love your ideas! It is always encouraged for a blog to be humbled and thankful that they mention it since that it adds value to the blog in the form of viewership rise.

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How Is It Helpful?

They are also a great referencing system for any bloggers who may think their content compliments or gets complimented by another blogger’s content. It creates a more holistic and clear image of what the blog is about. There is no specific format for what all can be contained. The choice of links to be provided is solely that of the blog owner. It is mostly observed that it contains links to sites that create similar content.

to begin with
To Begin With

While some blog owners recommend blogs of their favorite contents, others may recommend their friends’ or family’s blogs to promote their ideas. And since it is human nature that pushes us to seek what intrigues the blogger to write the content they do, though not capable of giving us a pictorial image of the blogger’s life, it creates a silhouette of who the blogger is and what thoughts dominate their mind. 

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Addition To WordPress

Now that you know what it is, the next step calls for you to accommodate that into your blog. Here is a step-by-step guide of how you can add a blogrolls to your blog (WordPress):

    Link View: Under the WordPress Admin option, click on Plugins and then choose Add New. When the search bar surfaces, search for Link View. A new plugin will open. Click Install Now and then click Activate.

  • Now open the Links menu. From the drop list, click on Add New. A new window will guide you to information about the link you wish to add to your blog post.
add new post in wordpress
Add New Post In WordPress
  • In the box asking for “Name” in the new window, add the title you would like your link to appear. This name will be displayed to the viewers.
  • The second box displayed on the new window is for the actual link that you are sharing. Add the link to this box.
add link
Add Link
  • The next step on the information window requires a small description of the site you have added.
  • Add the category your link belongs to in the “Categories” option that pops up on the information window. If there is a wish to add a new category name for your link, it is acceptable by clicking the “Add New Category” button.
add categories
Add Categories
  • The next “Target” drop-down allows you to choose from one of the provided options on how your link will open in a browser
  • Finally, fill in the “The Relationship” tab. 
  • Finally, click Add Link at the top right corner of the page to save all the changes. 

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The next and final steps are to publish blog roll links to your blog:

  • Go to Appearance, and from the drop-down list, click on Customize option.
wordpress customize
WordPress Customize
  • A live preview window pops up. The preview shows a Widgets option; click on Add a Widget.
  • After clicking on the Add a Widget option, a new window will pop up. Likewise, after finding the Links option, a new Add a Widget option will appear at the bottom. 
  • The next step is to choose the information type displayed on your blog post link description/rating/name, etc.
  • Next, click on the Done option. A new widget will appear on your site containing the links.

As a blogger, the blog role mostly drives the blog and creates networks and associations with other bloggers. Blogs getting features on many bloggers helps the blog move up a notch in the blogosphere and easier to be accessed by consumers since the blogs’ popularity makes them a recommended engine search. It might appear small, but it is one of the core drivers for a blog’s success & popularity, and it reflects a great deal about who the owner of a blog is.


Here you got to know what is a blog roll. For the new, more woke audience, it is necessary to know what the blog stands for in morals, and that is a connection the readers make through the associations of the blog. Thus, it becomes important to have an authentic association network that truly caters to the blog and its audience’s needs. 

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How do I increase the strength of my blogroll signal?

The more you deliver signal to the follow notification stream, the more you prime the pump of handclaps and time to click metrics, which increases the strength of the blogroll signal and so it goes.

What is the blogroll on medium?

When someone is reading your article and you have Blogroll turned on, the reader can view the profiles of the people you are following. These recommendations don’t just include Medium creators but also Medium publications.

Why does blogroll matter?

Often blogrolls are the only way folks find blogs because search engines today are not friendly to small blogs (by shoving ’em where the sun don’t shine).

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