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8 Best SEO Apps For Shopify | Complete Guide

June 12, 2023 in SEO

Best SEO apps for Shopify will help you in growing your business. Starting an online business from scratch is difficult. But everything is possible once you have chosen the appropriate platform. After you have completed all of the fundamental processes and have your website ready, the next step is to find a way to increase visibility, establish your online presence, and increase sales.

best seo app

If you are a person who is confused after launching an online business and remains clueless as to what to do next, this article is for you. The following article will list Shopify’s 8 best SEO apps for Shopify to help you increase your sales rate.

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What Is SEO

Search engine optimization(SEO) is a crucial component of online stores or other commercial websites. You want to grow your online business and can use SEO skills to optimize your website to rank higher in search engines. To rank higher, you need traffic; the website will get enough traffic based on the content you produce.


Several apps offer different features and tools to boost your SEO to make you stand out from the crowd and produce better results.

Best SEO Apps For Shopify

Here are the 8 best SEO apps for Shopify:

SEO Suite: Image Optimizer By AVADA

Plan: Free(14-day free trial) 

According to studies, pictures deliver 90% of information to the brain. Visual stimulation is crucial for improving brain function.

seo image optimizer

As a result, photos are essential to the website’s content strategy. The worst pictures exhaust viewers, but the finest ones hold their attention. Images can help the website’s structure and improve user information.

Avada’s Image Optimizer provides a range of options for improving your website’s visual appeal, including images, videos, and website design. In addition to many other features, it has several that help optimizes pictures with the help of ALT tags, Meta tags and rules, social meta, an HTML sitemap, and SEO analysis.

 It speeds up the page, optimizes your images as much as possible, and resizes everything to fit correctly on the website.

Plug In SEO 

Plan: Free trial for 14 days

Done with creating a website? Take the next step with plug-in SEO, an application exclusively designed for shop owners to increase traffic by optimizing the website.

plug in seo

It is the ultimate handy tool for simply fixing your SEO problems. The software comes with several functions and a range of themes that can improve the ranking of your website. It provides structured data, fixes broken links, and focuses on the keyword to increase the ranking. They also post SEO-related articles and tutorials on their website.

Yoast SEO-SEO For Everyone

Plan: Free

yoast seo

The tool maximizes sales by boosting organic traffic to your online shops. In addition to helping you improve your content and make necessary changes to improve your business, they will offer advice on using the best SEO strategies. Templates and meta tags will provide proper instructions on using the features.

Smart SEO

Plan: Seven Day trail

smart seo

The app helps you manage your store’s sitemap, repair broken links, and create meta tags. It has multilingualism and increases visibility through SERP rankings. The app uses various professional tools to fix your SEO issues. It saves time and effort by generating relevant meta tags and optimizing your page speed.

Otim: Auto And All-In-One SEO

Plan: 14 day free trial( 8 dollar a month)

all in one seo

It is built for businesses to give you the best intuitive SEO solutions to get higher rankings on search engines. With their best image ALT tags, they help to get high traffic from the google image search. You can set the alt text and optimizer, JSON-LD/ structured data. 

SEO Get clicked! SEO Tools

Plan: 7-day free trial ($19.99/month)

It is designed for businesses to provide the most user-friendly experience and SEO solutions for increasing search engine rankings. With their best image ALT tags, they help to get high traffic from the Google image search. You can set the alt text, optimizer, JSON-LD, and structured data.

seo get clicked

The JSON-LD-supporting app has a greater click-through rate. It has functions that address problems with your website and offers automatic coding with a ranking review. The app’s ability to track your website’s rank and that of your competitors is its most vital feature.

Reload SEO 

Plan: 14-day trial ($14.95)

reload seo

The software was created to solve your SEO-related issues. Their main goals are to maximize your content and boost your profit. They provide a range of services to help you enhance your website and increase your search engine rankings, including backlink checking, keyword research, and more.

Fire AMP

Plan: 15-day trial ($7.99/month)

This application aids in enhancing your Google AMP-based digital marketing initiatives (Accelerated Mobile Pages). They decrease page loads on mobile devices, which is risky for website developers and raises your rating. You may generate AMP pages for articles and other content with the app, and conversion rate optimization is the app’s primary goal.

fire amp

Thus these were the best SEO apps for Shopify.

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Is SEO free on Shopify?

No, some Shopify SEO software charges you after you use their free trial. However, an application called Yoast SEO is free for Shopify and WordPress customers; you can pay if you want specialized capabilities.

Is Hiring someone for SEO worth it?

Yes, hiring an SEO expert is the best option for increasing brand awareness and sales by ranking your website at the top.

Can I learn SEO in a week?

If you sign up for online SEO certificate courses, it could take 5-7 weeks to learn the basics.

Can Seo make you rich?

According to 2021 statistics, American SEO experts make $113,518 per year.


SEO is crucial in increasing online marketing and other marketing strategies, and it produces effective results.

They have high ratings and will help you advance to the next step of getting more traffic and ranking better. Choosing among them would be a daunting process, but based on your needs and preferences, you can choose the right one.

Therefore these best SEO apps for Shopify will be a great help for you if you are planning to start your online business.

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